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Ken Whaley

Ken Whaley

Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Ken Whaley

Member since September 6, 2012
Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
Ken is a top Architect/Engineer/Developer with proven ability to understand, optimize, enhance, and create from scratch significant software tools and workflows with large user bases that greatly magnify productivity for large groups of engineers.
  • KMW-Solutions.
    C++, OpenGL, Perl, PHP, iOS, Objective-C
  • Perpetually.com LLC (via Toptal)
    Python, Django, JavaScript
  • C, 20 years
  • Python, 10 years
  • C++, 10 years
  • Objective-C, 10 years
  • HTML5, 10 years
  • Lisp, 10 years
  • JavaScript, 10 years
  • PHP, 10 years
Preferred Environment:
Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX
The most amazing...
... thing I've built is a command and data transport to a graphics processing device from a CPU performing write reordering operations.
  • KMW-Solutions., Founder, President, Lead Architect/Developer (2010 - PRESENT)
    • KMW-Solutions provides freelance software design and implementation consultation services to clients around the world.
    • Many projects across differing systems and languages: Windows GUI programs written in C++ using wxWidgets, OpenGL entertainment application (magic 8-ball simulation), Perl scripts, PHP scripts, iPhone, and iPad applications. KMWSolutions has 8 applications on the app store as of October 2011.
    Technologies: C++, OpenGL, Perl, PHP, iOS, Objective-C
  • Perpetually.com LLC (via Toptal), Senior Software Engineer (2011 - 2011)
    • Wrote a binary media file disassembler / parser / transformer / re-assembler tool in Python.
    • Added an accelerated "test" web crawl tool to Perpetually (Python/Django).
    • Performed successful feasibility study in using a python-based JavaScript parsing library to rewrite JavaScript files.
    • Implemented a new back-end web API in Python/Django to accompany a new front end to Perpetually's system for creating, running, searching, scheduling, and monitoring both full web crawls and test web crawls. Worked closely with Perpetually team members to design and tune the API to suit the front-end's needs. Added new Django models to support the new functionality. Created extensive python test suites for all new functionality.
    Technologies: Python, Django, JavaScript
  • Loytr, Inc. (via Toptal), Senior Software Engineer (2011 - 2011)
    • Wrote a new photo album / photo display module for MyPad for iPad.
    Technologies: iOS, Objective-C
  • Posylnyi, Inc., Co-founder, CTO (2011 - 2011)
    • Designed and implemented MySQL/PHP backend system that services both the Posylnyi interactive ordering web site and the Posylnyi iPhone application.
    • Designed database schemas to manage menus, customers, orders, couriers, restaurant locations, etc.
    • Designed and implemented an iPhone application that provides an appealing, interactive menu ordering system.
    • Designed and implemented a custom operator web application that includes Google maps for managing couriers and restaurant locations, and order processing functions.
    • Met with and evaluated technical service providers and contractors.
    Technologies: MySQL, PHP, iOS
  • NVIDIA, Inc., Graphics Architect (2001 - 2010)
    • “Practical Visionary” -- Emphasis on design and implementation of working tools and systems significantly boosting productivity for large groups of engineers and architects throughout the company.
  • Believe, Inc., Principal Engineer (1999 - 2001)
    • Lead Architect of core system software, architect of software/hardware interface.
  • 3dfx Interactive, Inc., Principal Engineer (1996 - 1999)
    • Key member of 3dfx’s engineering team.
    • Worked with software, QA, hardware, marketing, and sales group members to design and to promote 3dfx’s products.
  • Rendition, Inc., Principal Engineer (1994 - 1996)
    • Technical lead for Rendition’s 2D graphics effort, including Microsoft Windows.
  • Kubota Graphics Corporation, Technical Lead (1992 - 1994)
    • X server technical lead for three of Kubota’s 3D graphics / imaging subsystems.
  • Digital Equipment Corporation , Workstation Systems Engineering (1990 - 1992)
    • Member of Advanced Technology Development’s core X Server group. Wrote and debugged X server code for the DECStation 5000 workstation family’s 2D/3D graphics accelerator cards.
  • Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Unix Programmer (1985 - 1987)
    • Designed and implemented a font editor for the Versatec printer/plotter’s font files that allows the interactive creation, deletion, modification, and inspection of the glyphs in each font.
  • U.S. Patent #6,088,701 (Other amazing things)

    Command and data transport to a graphics processing device from a CPU performing write reordering operations. Granted 7/11/2000 while at 3dfx. Now owned by NVIDIA.

  • Languages
    Python, HTML5, C, Objective-C, C++, PHP, JavaScript, Lisp, Perl
  • Tools
    MS Visual Studio, Apple Xcode
  • Frameworks
    Django, DirectX
  • Libraries/APIs
  • Platforms
    Linux, iOS, Unix, Windows
  • Misc
    X11, CGI, TCP
  • Masters degree in Computer Science (1987 - 1989)
    University of Washington - USA
  • Bachelors degree in Computer Science (1983 - 1987)
    U.C. Berkeley - USA
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