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Randle Unger, United States

Member since March 14, 2017
Randle has 15 years of experience delivering software products and leading technical teams across diverse environments, languages, and roles. He has expert-level Scala, Java, Kotlin, JavaScript, ES6, and Node.js development skills, and he's also proficient in softwar... Click to continue

David Ikin, Estonia

Member since March 18, 2018
David is a senior .NET engineer with over eight years of experience building web applications. He has interests in system architecture, Domain Driven Design, RESTful APIs and Continous Integration automation testing. He is proficient with modern development practi... Click to continue

Abhijeet Ahuja, Australia

Member since January 26, 2019
Abhijeet is a seasoned full-stack developer who's designed and delivered highly scalable, resilient apps in an Agile environment. He's an active open source contributor and holds a top Stack Overflow ranking. In his career, Abhijeet's played a key role in determining... Click to continue

Ashok Tulachan, United States

Member since March 26, 2018
Ashok is a Senior Full-stack, AWS Certified Software Developer and QA Automation Lead with diversified experience in financial, banking, insurance, healthcare, and government IT projects. He has a Master's degree in Computer Information Systems and has expertise work... Click to continue