Freelance AWS jobs for world-class engineers

At Toptal, you’ll work on freelance Amazon Web Services (AWS) jobs and projects with top clients who understand the value of elite engineering talent. As a former AWS Developer or DevOps Engineer, you gain the opportunity to design your own schedule, get real-time help from a global community of experts, and enjoy top professional development opportunities.

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Why should you use Toptal to build your career?

At Toptal, you’ll always have plenty of opportunities available to grow personally and professionally. From working with cutting-edge technologies to getting real-time feedback from a global community of top developers, there are always options for creating value for yourself here.

Grow your career by working with top companies

Grow your career by working with top companies

At Toptal, you’ll choose from projects with industry leaders like Airbnb and NetApp and learn cutting-edge technologies and skills.

Never worry about payments

Never worry about payments

At Toptal, you set your own rate, always get paid on time, and never have to worry about negotiating with clients or competing with cheap, inexperienced developers.

Design your own lifestyle

Design your own lifestyle

No offices, no useless meetings, and no mandatory hours. You choose your own availability and enjoy the freedom to work from wherever you want.

Learn from peers and take advanced technical courses

Learn from peers and take advanced technical courses

Have a bug? Ping the Toptal Slack Community for real-time, on-demand support from a global network of top engineers. Want to learn a new skill? The Toptal Academy is designed to help you rapidly gain professional expertise in a new technology.

Get featured on the Toptal Engineering Blog

Get featured on the Toptal Engineering Blog

With hundreds of thousands of subscribers, hundreds of advanced technical studies, and frequent syndication requests from top industry publications, publishing on the Toptal Engineering Blog is a unique chance to show off your top work to the best in the industry.

Speak at conferences and attend events

Speak at conferences and attend events

Not only will you be able to attend Toptal Community events in cities all around the world, but as part of the Toptal Speakers Network, we’ll also help you attend leading conferences, submit papers, and prepare and deliver keynote speeches.

Meet members of the Toptal AWS community:

Kyle Kotowick, Ph.D.

Ottawa, ON, Canada

Dr. Kotowick is a leader in product design and solution architecture, having completed his Ph.D. in MIT's Computer Science and Artificia... Read More

Sergey Asatryan

Yerevan, Armenia

Sergey is a hardworking and detail oriented full-stack web architect with 12 years experience. He is as comfortable working with both st... Read More

Armin Mehinovic

Sarajevo, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Along with an iOS developer certification from the IT Academy in Belgarde, Armin is a professional, experienced QA engineer with a demon... Read More

Eqbal Quran

Amman, Amman Governorate, Jordan

Eqbal is a senior full-stack developer with more than a decade of experience working in web and mobile development. He is a masterful pr... Read More

Bryce Ott

Lindon, UT, United States

With more than a decade and a half working as an engineer, architect, director, vice president, and CTO, Bryce brings a deep understandi... Read More

Mihai Plesa

London, United Kingdom

Mihai is a general IT specialist with 12+ years of experience, keen on having a meaningful impact at and outside of the workplace. He's ... Read More

Hugo L. Samayoa

Long Beach, CA, United States

"DevOps before DevOps" is a statement associated with Hugo's career. For the past 20 years, he has worked on projects for Anthem, McAffe... Read More

Daniel Bryan

North Laurel, MD, United States

Daniel is a creative-minded individual with over two decades in IT—mainly focusing on infrastructure, research, and security. He’s also ... Read More

See 3 typical AWS jobs you’ll have access to at Toptal:

Top clients, ranging from industry-leaders to rapidly growing start-ups, use Toptal to hire elite AWS developers for their mission-critical jobs.

DevOps Engineer
DevOps, Kubernetes, AWS, Azure

We are a mid-sized robotics and automation company using AI to re-imagine workplace tasks. We are seeking a DevOps engineer to join our team of technical team and build tools for infrastructure automation. The ideal team member will have previous experience in Kubernetes and Terraform, and be willing to work collaboratively over a long-term engagement.

AWS Cloud Operations Developer
DevOps, AWS

We are an enterprise company leading the robotics revolution around the world. We are seeking a talented cloud operations engineer to migrate our systems from on-premise to AWS and create an operations center to monitor our platform moving forward. The ideal developer must have a solid working knowledge of Graphana and be willing to work remotely with our team.

Senior DevOps Engineer
AWS, Docker, Jenkins

We are an international marketing agency looking to expand our holdings to the data sciences domain. We are seeking a seasoned DevOps engineer to deploy elegant solutions for a variety of innovative projects, including designing and building internet-based platforms that utilize the most current trends in the field. The ideal engineer should be fluent in the latest cutting-edge practices in internet-based technologies.

Enjoy competitive, worry-free compensation.

At Toptal, you set your own rates and never have to spend time marketing yourself, billing clients, etc. Most Toptalers make substantially more through Toptal than they did at their previous jobs, and we’ll always pay you on time, even if clients have not yet paid us. Never worry about payments again.

Trusted by:
Airbnb trusted Toptal to help hire programmers to support their Berlin office.
Bridgestone has worked with Toptal to add freelance developers to their global team.
Duolingo trusted Toptal contractors to develop their key software applications.
USC hires software engineers from Toptal for their mission-critical initiatives.
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Cleveland Cavaliers hires software engineers from Toptal for their mission-critical initiatives.

Design your own lifestyle.

At Toptal, you can choose your own schedule and work from anywhere in the world that has Internet. Whether you want to spend more time at home with your family or start traveling and work from exotic beaches, the choice is completely up to you. No offices, no mandatory hours, just complete freedom to work in the way that suits you best.

Join tech conferences, advanced skill development sessions, and more.

Not only will you be able to attend Toptal Community events in cities all around the world, but if you join the Toptal Speakers Network, we'll also help you attend leading conferences, submit papers, and prepare and deliver keynote speeches.

Publish technical papers alongside AWS developers on the Toptal Engineering Blog.

The Toptal Engineering Blog features hundreds of thousands of subscribers, daily in-depth technical studies, and frequent syndication requests from leading publications across the tech industry. By joining, you’ll be able to publish on the Toptal Engineering Blog and show your top work off to a global audience of AWS developers.

Why do top AWS experts join Toptal?

Oscar A. Jara

System Administration Developer
Santa Fe, Argentina

Oscar is a top information systems engineer who has worked as a developer, system administrator, DevOps engineer, and university professor. He has extensive experience with low-level software development and has worked with client-server, distributed, and fault-tolerant web architectures. He has been working as a DevOps engineer in recent years.

Toptal has wiped out the freelancer’s heavy burden of hunting clients and doing administrative tasks. A team of great people takes care of bringing high-quality projects to me and I can just focus on the technologies in which I'm most interested. I've been able to ramp up my AWS expertise by cherry-picking projects that challenge certain areas in the field. At the same time, I've been really encouraged to keep improving my knowledge by receiving compensation for educational content that I produce and certification exams that I take. Toptal is hands-down my first choice to recommend to anyone willing to work seriously as a freelancer.

Luca Cipriani

Software Developer
Turin, Italy

Luca is a DevOps manager and engineer. He's also an Amazon AWS expert and system architect for high traffic and scalable web applications. He's a pro at getting the most out of REST API and Linux systems. Currently, Luca is working as a manager of a team of five developers at Arduino.

There are many reasons why I work with Toptal but the biggest one is that I am free to work with clients who are open to new technologies, want to embrace the cloud paradigm, and want to massively scale. Every AWS expert should join Toptal because there are so many clients out there who need our help to grow, optimize, and scale their applications. Joining Toptal is a great opportunity to challenge your skills every day and learn from top clients.

By joining Toptal, you’ll have full flexibility over which projects you choose and when you want to work.

Aside from enjoying the benefits of our amazing community, you’ll have full flexibility to accept or reject projects as you prefer. Whether you prefer to work full-time at Toptal or you’d rather just take on occasional hourly jobs, the choice is yours.