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Ideally, a Backbone.js developer is a great JavaScript developer responsible for developing web applications primarily using Backbone.js. Backbone.js developers usually focus on the front-end aspect of web applications, but also must have basic understanding of some back-end technologies, since their responsibility includes the integration of APIs and resources with front-end elements as provided by the back-end developers and engineers.


Ideally, a Backbone.js developer is a great JavaScript developer responsible for developing web applications primarily using Backbone.js. Backbone.js developers usually focus on the front-end aspect of web applications, but also must have basic understanding of some back-end technologies, since their responsibility includes the integration of APIs and resources with front-end elements as provided by the back-end developers and engineers.

A great JavaScript developer is essential to ensure the development of robust web applications. However, as per project requirements, one may often want to look for a JavaScript developer who is already well-versed in Backbone.js and its patterns.

This article aims to provide a sample job description template that you can use as a boilerplate for a job ad perfect for your needs in pursuit of finding and hiring the developer that matches your specific criteria.

Backbone.js Developer - Job Description and Ad Template

Copy this template, and modify it as your own:

Company Introduction

{{Write a short and catchy paragraph about your company. Make sure to provide information about the company’s culture, perks, and benefits. Mention office hours, remote working possibilities, and everything else you think makes your company interesting.}}

Job Description

We are looking for a great JavaScript developer who has a superb grasp on Backbone.js. Your primary focus will be giving structure to the front-end aspect of our web applications using Backbone.js, and developing relevant modules and libraries. You will also be bridging the gap between the visual elements and the server-side infrastructure, therefore understanding the basics of some back-end technologies is necessary as well.


  • Develop new user-facing features
  • Build structured, reusable code and libraries for future use
  • Ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs
  • Optimize applications for maximum speed and scalability
  • Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders
  • {{Add other responsibilities here that are relevant}}

Skills and Qualifications

  • Strong understanding of JavaScript, its quirks, and workarounds
  • Strong understanding of features and utility functions of Backbone.js
  • Good understanding of the concepts behind models, collections, and views
  • Basic understanding of web markup, including HTML5 and CSS3
  • Understanding of fundamental REST API concepts
  • Familiarity with input validation techniques and approaches
  • Good understanding of browser rendering behavior and performance
  • Understanding of asynchronous request handling, partial page updates, and AJAX
  • Proficient understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues and ways to work around such issues
  • Familiarity with JavaScript module loaders, such as Require.js or AMD
  • Familiarity with front-end build tools, such as Grunt and Gulp.js {{depending on technology stack}}
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as {{Git / Mercurial / SVN}}
  • {{Make sure to mention other frameworks, libraries, or any other technology related to your development stack}}
  • {{List education level or certification you require}}
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