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Randy Nichols, United States

Member since December 30, 2014
Randy has been providing elegant solutions to vexing problems for over 20 years. He feels developers have a personal responsibility to be genuinely engaged with both initiators of a project and those applying the solution long term. With clear intent, good communicat... Click to continue

Juan Romero, Mexico

Member since June 27, 2015
Juan is a skilled problem solver as well as a creative and self-taught programmer with more than 11 years of experience developing commercial applications and almost 20 years of programming experience on multiple languages. He is a dedicated and efficient individual,... Click to continue

Bruno Leite, Brazil

Member since March 10, 2014
Bruno is a full-stack applications architect and senior developer with more than thirteen years of experience. He works as an architect or leader developer with proven ability to solve challenging problems and is always looking to contribute to team synergy and growth. Click to continue

JC Gurango, Philippines

Member since October 17, 2017
JC has been enjoying software development for the past 11 years and has professionally worked as a software developer for the past six. His expertise includes building, converting, and updating a variety of web and mobile-based applications within a variety of indust... Click to continue

Dusan Balaban, Serbia

Member since December 17, 2017
Dusan has been working professionally for several years mostly in fields related to the design, development, and maintenance of databases—essentially creating demanding data solutions. Although his expertise is in database development, his skills are not strictly tie... Click to continue