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AI vs. BI: Differences and Synergies

by Toptal Research

Business Intelligence and artificial intelligence are increasingly crucial yet often misunderstood tools in an enterprise context. This article clarifies the differences between each field and explains how they will work together in the future.

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The Present and Future of AI in Design (with Infographic)

by Miklos Philips

AI has become an over-hyped buzzword and the design world is no exception. Instead of resisting it, designers will soon be co-creating with AI. It will make them smarter. (Includes infographic)

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Schooling Flappy Bird: A Reinforcement Learning Tutorial

by Neven Pičuljan

Leveraging DeepMind's breakthrough AI approaches takes some work, but the results are astounding. In this article, Toptal Freelance Deep Learning Engineer Neven Pičuljan guides us through the building blocks of reinforcement learning, training a neural network to play Flappy Bird using the PyTorch framework.

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Feeding the Future: An Overview of Agrifood Technology

by Francesco Castellano

As environmental, social, and demographic factors increasingly put pressure on traditional food production, investors and entrepreneurs are turning to innovation. Many promising startups are emerging, all with a focus on producing food in a more efficient and sustainable way.

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The Chat Crash – When a Chatbot Fails

by Micah Bowers

There’s much confusion and hyperbole surrounding chatbots. The tech is promising, but the user experience is lacking. We examine five chatbot fails and share practical tips to improve their UX.

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Understanding the Cybersecurity Landscape in 2021

by Melissa Lin

More than a year after the onset of COVID-19, organizations must shift from temporary stopgap measures to more robust cybersecurity strategies and technologies. Here’s how to keep your company safe.

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Machines and Trust: How to Mitigate AI Bias

by Michael McKenna

Unwanted AI bias is already a widespread problem. Machine learning models can replicate or exacerbate existing biases, often in ways that are not detected until release. So what can be done about it?

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How to Effectively Quantify Product Value: A Guide for Product Managers

by Laurie Harvey

Many product managers will struggle to identify what makes an amazing product or service. The realities of running a successful business depend on the bottom-line financials. Product managers need to define and explain value in monetary terms to drive rapid adoption.

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The Ultimate UX Hook : Anticipatory, Persuasive, and Emotional Design in UX

by Miklos Philips

Some products prove irresistible because they combine psychological design techniques that create an ultimate UX hook: anticipatory, persuasive, and emotional design.

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How to Weather the Cloud Skills Shortage

by Toptal Research

If your company isn’t focused on digital transformation, you’re falling behind—and putting your organization at a tremendous disadvantage. Here’s what you need to know about the cloud skills shortage and how you can survive (and thrive) despite this labor shortfall.

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How to Use Your Product Management Experience to Ride the AI Wave

by Adrian Gonzalez

Organizations are investing in AI initiatives and seeking product experts to lead them. Here’s how you can leverage diverse industry experience and capitalize on the rising demand for AI product managers.

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