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NFTs for Designers: An Introduction

by Gabor Molnar

The global NFT market relies on designers to support artists, Web3 platforms and marketplaces, and major global brands. Toptal designer Gabor Molnar offers insights from his experience breaking into this emerging field.

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Redefining Retirement: The Benefits of Freelancing After 60

by Erik Stettler

Modern freelancing is easier and more rewarding than older workers may think. Toptal’s chief economist breaks down the advantages of freelancing in semiretirement.

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Efficiency at Scale: A Tale of AWS Cost Optimization

by Rudolf Eremyan

Understanding total spend is a common challenge for cloud users, especially on projects with complex pricing models. This article explores the top AWS cost optimizations that will help you scale your platform effectively.

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Designing GitHub’s Octoverse: A Data Visualization Case Study

by Gemma Busquets

Designer Gemma Busquets shares how she created a responsive website and 20+ engaging charts and graphs for the software development platform’s annual report.

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Crucial Considerations for Aspiring Fintech UX Designers

by Gints Ziverts

Designing fintech products requires more than great UX/UI skills—you need to understand finance too. Here’s what designers need to know to get started.

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What Is Agile? A Philosophy That Develops Through Practice

by Umar Ali

Agile’s flexibility is attractive, but its lack of specificity leads teams to misinterpret its applications. Agile expert Umar Ali explains how he helps teams prioritize values over practices.

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4 Bold Predictions About the Metaverse and Business

by Laurence Brothers

The so-called “future of the internet” isn’t here yet, but it’s coming soon. Here’s how to start preparing your company for impending metaverse growth.

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Optimize Your Environment for Development and Production: A Pydantic Tutorial, Part 2

by Arjaan Buijk

Learn how to develop a Django application coupled with pydantic where the development environment matches production.

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Own Your Health: The State of Connected Medical Devices

by Lauren Song

At-home medical monitoring is on the rise, thanks to the growing ranks of IoT devices and the promise of fewer doctor visits. How can designers ensure that at-home products meet patients’ needs?

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