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FinanceIcon ChevronInvestors and Funding

Tell a Compelling Story: Pitch Deck Components That Persuade

by Brian Nichol

To persuade investors to fund your startup, your pitch deck must do more than present a solid business case. It must generate an emotional response.

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Toptal InsightsIcon ChevronInnovation

Cybersecurity Spotlight: Preparing Your Organization for Deepfake Voice Clone Fraud

by Christopher Holloway

Neural networks have become expert manufacturers of the human voice, a skill that both content creators and cybercriminals love. Experts from the United Nations, Adobe, and speech synthesis pioneer Descript weigh in.

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ProductIcon ChevronProduct People and Teams

Growth Product Management: What You Need to Know

by Philippe Araujo

Growth product managers are now a mainstay of Silicon Valley, but what do they do, how do they work, and what value do they bring? Find out in this guide to an increasingly vital product role.

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Toptal InsightsIcon ChevronFuture of Work

Deconstructing Jobs: How Innovative Companies Are Reimagining Work

by Kristen Senz

Boundaries created by traditional jobs are holding businesses back, says Ravin Jesuthasan, author of *Work Without Jobs*. His case study of Providence Health & Services shows how a new work paradigm can solve talent issues and spur growth.

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FinanceIcon ChevronProfitability and Efficiency

The New Risk Management Playbook: Black Swans and the Rise of Scenario Analysis

by Michael J. McDonald

Want a risk management strategy that fosters resilience and reveals new opportunities? Shift your focus from predicting events to preparing for impacts.

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DesignIcon ChevronUX Design

Craft an Outstanding UX Portfolio With These Recruiter Tips

by Ignasi Boza

Many UX portfolios are poorly formatted and lack crucial information. Leverage these portfolio design tips from a UX recruiter to stand out and get hired.

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Toptal InsightsIcon ChevronDistributed Teams

Toxic Communication in Virtual Workspaces: A Looming Liability for Remote and Hybrid Companies

by Jeffrey Gangemi

The tendency to “speak” more harshly from a keyboard than you would face to face—called online disinhibition—doesn’t just happen on Twitter. When it creeps into office conversations, it can create a toxic work environment that damages your brand and bottom line.

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DesignIcon ChevronUX Design

What’s Below the Surface: A Look at UX in the Beauty Industry

by Abigail Beshkin

Innovations in tech and shifts in consumer behavior are changing the cosmetics and skin care business. Here’s how designers in beauty UI and UX are adapting to the new trends.

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ProductIcon ChevronProduct Life Cycle

Extended Reality and Its Possibilities: A Guide for XR Product Managers

by Eugene Ovcharenko

How can product managers leverage the possibilities offered by the latest XR technologies? Industry veteran Eugene Ovcharenko presents use cases and best practices for an evolving field.

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