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Job Description

About Toptal

Toptal is a global network of top talent in business, design, and technology that enables companies to scale their teams, on-demand. With $100+ million in annual revenue and triple-digit growth, Toptal is the largest fully distributed workforce in the world.

We take the best elements of virtual teams and combine them with a support structure that encourages innovation, social interaction, and fun (see this video from The Huffington Post). We see no borders, move at a fast pace, and are never afraid to break the mold.

Position Description

As an SEO Program Manager you will work in Toptal’s SEO team. You will specifically own the execution of strategic SEO projects that will drive significant impact for our company.

You will work closely with all parts of the growth team, not just SEO - Content Marketing, Analytics, Paid Media, and Growth Strategy - as well as design and engineering teams, to conceive and execute growth initiatives and new product tests.

In any given week, you will spend your time leading the execution of these strategic SEO Projects, which will involve from leading SEO research to project managing the deployment of a new web pages. Thus, you should see yourself as an intrapreneur whom makes thing happen.

The role would suit someone with at least 2 years of project management for SEO projects. This postion can be done from anywhere. All communication and resumes must be submitted in English.


  • Ultimately, success is client acquisition via organic traffic from the strategic projects that you will lead.
  • Working closely with the Director of SEO to act as a trustworthy partner who will fully own strategic projects from start to finish.
  • Performing analysis to determine the viability of new initiatives, as well as post-implementation success measurement on released initiatives.
  • Build successful partnership with all the teams and freelancers that will be involved in each strategic projects. Success starts with trust.
  • Effectively use data and analytics to support strategic and tactical initiatives and the creation of project plans.
  • Be in constant communication with team members via Slack.

In the first week you will:

  • Onboard and integrate into Toptal - meet with the teams and people you will have long-term working relationships with.
  • Work closely with the Director of SEO to get a fundamental understanding of the teams, product and business operations.
  • Work closely with the SEO team to dive deep into our history, assets, roadmap, and unexplored opportunities that you will be able to lead.
  • Independently start to study and learn the Toptal platform & product suite.

In the first month you will:

  • Take ownership of strategic projects - probably at its initial stage.
  • Work with the Director of SEO and VP of Growth Marketing to establish a project plan fo the exploratory phases of your first(s) projects.
  • Dive into how we do SEO research to take some of steps yourself. We only hire hands-on leaders.

In the first three months you will:

  • Act as the POC/Owner of your strategic projects, coordinating the efforts from multiple teams while you ensure a fluid and direct communication with your manager, the Director of SEO.
  • You will take our projects to the next level. Whatever we initially thought was going the best way to do things, you will reshape it. We expect you to challenge how we do things to make them better.

In the first six months you will:

  • Be able to show significant progress - and ideally deployments, for your strategic projects. We want you to be able to show to our CEO how much you have achieved in six months.

In the first year you will:

  • Be a success story in the Growth team. You will be able to show concrete bottom-line impact thanks to your projects, and you will be imagining the next batch of even more ambitious projects to drive growth for Toptal.


  • Obsession for quality: Toptal has a very high bar for quality and so should you.
  • Passion for SEO: you love to read about SEO and growth hacking in general. If you call yourself an SEO-nerd, extra points.
  • Proactive: this is a remote position which requires self-starters. No-one will monitor if you’re working but you will be expected to consistently contribute value and deliver on assignments.
  • Autonomous: you will have support and direction, but you will also be able to know how to self-manage your own time, prioritizing the projects you have and knowing when to seek clarity on what is most important or urgent.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. We are a remote company so this goes without saying.
  • Demonstrated interest in SEO: you can talk us through a number of approaches and tools for SEO. Moreover, we want to hear your prior SEO success stories.
  • Comfortable with a high-paced, and often rapidly changing environment, with a strong emphasis on individual contributions and execution excellence.
  • Curious: you are curious in how things work and why. You are not satisfied with a superficial knowledge of how something works, or why users take a certain action.
  • Top notch analytics skills: you are very comfortable with Google Analytics. You can also use Tableau.
  • Proven experience building high quality outreach strategies for SEO.
  • You have worked with engineering teams before and have written user stories or specification documents for them before.
  • You have worked with designers before, and know how to get the best from them; when to provide a tight brief, versus when to give them more creative space.
  • Knowledge of online marketing and web best practices: you will have the opportunity to, and be expected to, contribute ideas for new initiatives and experiments aligned to modern best practice digital marketing.
  • Knowledge of user research: when you have a question or hypothesis, your reaction is analysis. You know when to use quantitative vs qualitative research or both together. You may have performed user interviews in the past or set up UX tests as experiments to get the answer you need.
  • You must be a world-class individual contributor to thrive at Toptal. You will not be here just to tell other people what to do.
For Toptal Use Only: #LI-DNI
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  • Alejandro Rigatuso
    Alejandro is our Director of SEO. His career in technology started at the age of 12 when he founded one of the first Bulletin Board Systems in Argentina. He is the founder of, a SaaS company that helps marketers to manage their social networks. With a background in electrical engineering and control systems, and as an award-winning student of the Engineering School of the Catholic University of Córdoba, Alejandro excels at using mathematical methods to model and optimize marketing systems. As Toptal's Director of SEO, he ensures that Toptal dominates the SERPs, by building the right teams, tracking, and control systems, with an entrepreneurial approach based on creativity and ruthless optimization.
  • Gabriel Elizondo
    Gabriel is our VP of Growth Marketing. He leads our customer acquisition strategy for both SMB and Enterprise segments. His career in technology started at age 13 when he built a revenue-generating social website. Afterward, he worked in management consulting, growth and product management in companies such as Facebook and He earned degrees in Industrial Engineering, Data Analytics, and an MBA from Stanford University. Outside of work, Gabriel enjoys training for long distance triathlons and traveling around the world.
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