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We created Toptal to solve an extremely difficult, real-world problem: the talent shortage.
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Job Description

About Toptal

Toptal is a network of the world’s top 3% of software engineering, design, finance, and project management talent – available on demand to help companies accelerate, adapt, and scale. With $100+ million in annual revenue and triple-digit growth, Toptal is the largest fully distributed workforce in the world.

We take the best elements of virtual teams and combine them with a support structure that encourages innovation, social interaction, and fun [see this video from The Huffington Post]. We see no borders, move at a fast pace, and are never afraid to break the mold.

If you’re not in the job market, you’re exactly the type of person we’re looking for.

Position Description

The Toptal network includes thousands of top engineers, designers, finance experts, project managers, and more from over 100 countries, working with leading companies on mission-critical projects. As the nature of work and in-demand skill sets evolve, the world’s talent will need to evolve with it.

As the Talent Academy Lead at Toptal, you will be responsible for operating and scaling Toptal Academies, rigorous technical courses designed to help experts stay on the cutting edge of their respective fields. You will turn Toptal Academies into a world-class community learning & development function, building it into a leading way for Toptalers to continuously hone their skill sets. You will be responsible for strategy and operations, launching new academies focused on in-demand skill sets, finding appropriate instructors, ensuring classes run smoothly, measuring impact, and scaling the number of academies Toptal runs.

This is a remote position that can be done from anywhere.


You will work with the Talent Operations and Community teams to prioritize and operate new Toptal Academies designed to teach in-demand skill sets to Toptalers looking to update and evolve their skills. You will regularly monitor which skills are in-demand by Toptal clients but are underrepresented within the Toptal network, and will develop new Academies to address the supply / demand gap. You will source expert instructors from the Toptal network, work with them to design a curriculum and create high-quality training material, coach them on their instructional skills, and work with them to launch and operate courses open to the entire Toptal network.

You will leverage existing communications infrastructure within the Talent Operations and Community teams, including Toptal’s Community Slack, Community Leaders, and Community Moderators initiatives to grow awareness of and demand for Toptal Academies within the Toptal network, as well as to operate courses.

Academy topics will typically be technical in nature, but may cover everything from advanced courses in React Native or Blockchain to best practices for remote, agile project management.

As you run Academies, you will develop and refine frameworks for evaluating the impact of each course on supply / demand dynamics at Toptal, adapting strategies to allow Toptalers to most effectively and rapidly adapt to the most in-demand skill sets. You will use this data to scale Toptal Academies from 1-2 ongoing Academies to dozens of ongoing Academies. As you scale the initiative, you will also develop and maintain a library of historical training material that can be reused as appropriate.

In the first week you will:

  • Onboard and integrate into Toptal.
  • Learn about the core of the Toptal service by shadowing calls with clients and talent.
  • Learn the structures and capabilities of the talent-facing teams at Toptal, with a particular focus on understanding the goals, processes, and ongoing projects within the Talent Operations and Community teams.

In the first month you will:

  • Dive deep on past Toptal Academies, including reviewing why they were launched, their strengths and weaknesses, and their impact.
  • Learn Toptal’s supply / demand analytics dashboards, with a focus on understanding the typical signs that a particular skill area may warrant creating an Academy around.
  • Begin planning your first Toptal Academy.
  • Begin taking over existing Toptal Academies.

In the first three months you will:

  • Run your first Toptal Academy, including finding a domain expert instructor, developing a curriculum and high-quality training materials, evaluating and driving Toptaler interest, and operating bi-weekly sessions.
  • Gather learner feedback and adapt as needed.
  • Coordinate with the screening team to run Toptalers through the end-of-course evaluation project.
  • Measure how many Toptalers passed your first Academy and are now eligible for projects requiring that skill, adapting strategy as needed to ensure project demand is met.

In the first six months you will:

  • Run additional Toptal Academies, growing the base of available learning resources across in-demand skills for the Toptal network.
  • Develop a strategy for scaling Toptal Academies, including measuring long-term impact and building a case for the level of further investment needed.
  • Build a community of Academy instructors focused on developing and refining best practices for remote education on technical topics.

In the first year you will:

  • Scale Toptal Academies by an order of magnitude.
  • Build a team to work with you to support the new scale and continued growth ambitions of Toptal Academies.
  • Set a long-term vision for Toptal Academies that turns it into a leading way for the world’s talent to stay on the cutting edge of their fields, building a completely free, community-led professional learning function with world-class scale and quality exceeding any existing alternative.


  • 3+ years experience in strategic roles.
  • Strong knowledge of the consulting, professional services, and/or talent space is preferred.
  • You must be a strong strategic thinker. You must be capable of understanding market demand and use this to formulate strategies for talent acquisition, sales, and forecasting customer demand.
  • Significant strategic research and analysis experience with a strong understanding of how to build a compelling, data-driven business case.
  • Practical experience testing concepts, validating hypothesis and informing planning and development.
  • Hustle. You understand how to build from the ground up and will dive in and do whatever is needed to drive growth.
  • Resourcefulness. You should be a self-starter who thrives on the freedom and accountability that comes with leading your portion of the business.
  • Adaptability. You should be able to identify opportunities, successes, and failures quickly and act upon them in a thoughtful manner.
  • Passion. Our goal is to change the way organizations build teams and how the world’s top talent finds opportunities. You have to be passionate about what we do, and be a strong advocate of the change we are driving in the market.
  • Communication. Our clients are global, our talent community is global, and our core team is global. Good communication is at the core of everything we do, and you must be a strong communicator able to speak to a wide range of stakeholders and team members, across a wide range of geographies.
  • You must be a world-class individual contributor to thrive at Toptal. You will not be here just to tell other people what to do.
  • Open to giving and receiving challenging feedback.
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  • Alvaro Oliveira
    Alvaro has worked as lead developer, ERP engineer, founder, consultant, recruiter, and BI specialist for companies such as Kenos, The Bristol Group, and The Wornick Company. His experience also encompasses working for various Brazilian chemical companies and taking part in several international projects throughout Europe. Alvaro participated in the F.I.R.S.T international robotics competition where his team, sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Brazil, placed third. As a college freshman Alvaro placed third at the Brazilian Nationals for the Microsoft Imagine Cup Competition in the Software Design Category. In high school, he was a Top 10 World Finalist. At Toptal, Alvaro combines his passion for computer science with his recruiting finesse to find extraordinarily talented and passionate developers around the globe.
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