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VP of Growth Marketing Strategy
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VP of Growth Marketing Strategy

About Toptal

Toptal is a global network of top freelance talent in business, design, and technology that enables companies to scale their teams, on-demand. With $200+ million in annual revenue and over 40% year-over-year growth, Toptal is the world’s largest fully remote company.

We take the best elements of virtual teams and combine them with a support structure that encourages innovation, social interaction, and fun. We see no borders, move at a fast pace, and are never afraid to break the mold.

Position Description

As the VP of Growth Marketing Strategy, you will be responsible for hiring, managing, and scaling the Growth Marketing Strategy team at Toptal. Each member on your team must have a strong understanding of SEO, SEM, conversion rate optimization, landing page optimization, growth product management, traffic/user acquisition techniques, and other growth-related techniques. Your primary focus will be to work with these individuals to ensure that they’re infusing all of Toptal’s ads, creative, landing pages, and other marketing materials with the most appropriate and impactful growth techniques. You are expected to be a coach and mentor in the area of implementing the most appropriate and impactful growth marketing techniques.

By understanding the business objective, creative, channel, medium, and resources for each marketing initiative, you will work with your team of growth marketing strategists to ensure that all marketing-related work product instills the most impactful growth techniques. These growth techniques will drive click through rates, conversion rates, and all of the performance metrics that drive the relevant business- and marketing-related metrics relating to each marketing initiative. It’s key that your team of growth marketing strategists are working with all of the relevant stakeholders to shape the growth- and psychological-related aspects of all creative and product outcomes, ensuring each outcome drives forward the proper performance metrics.

You will be expected to be both a facilitator and generator of world-class growth marketing ideas that are put into action at Toptal. By facilitating, generating, organizing, planning, and seeing through to execution all growth marketing ideas and techniques at Toptal, you will lead Toptal’s growth marketing strategy from every aspect.


  • Work with the Creative, Growth Product Management, Performance Marketing, SEO, and other key teams across the marketing function to shape the execution and outcomes of Toptal’s short- and long-term marketing initiative.
  • Help Executives, Marketing Strategists, and SLT members craft and hit KPIs that relate to their initiatives and OKRs.
  • Assist in building forecasts and projections that relate to the expected ROI on marketing campaigns, traffic and user acquisition, and other areas of marketing that require robust and rigid financial analysis.
  • Work with the Business Analytics and Market Insights teams extrapolating insights and turning those insights into actionable strategy that both the brand and growth marketing teams can leverage to create marketing initiatives around.
  • Guide the prioritization of Marketing-related initiatives across Marketing as the Toptal scales.
  • Ensure the team is maximizing the impact of all brand and growth experiments by maintaining organized playbooks, automated systems, and dashboards which track the states and thresholds related to each experiment.
  • Oversee the interviewing and hiring of new team members as the team continues to scale.
  • Facilitate effective brainstorming sessions which contribute to the generation of new ideas that push the boundaries of what’s possible within both brand and growth marketing.
  • Help facilitate effective training on growth-related topics in order to ensure all of the relevant stakeholders are properly educated on how to infuse the best growth marketing tactics into their content, initiatives, and products to maximum impact.
  • Provide thought leadership, strategic insight, and clear communication (written and verbal) to your team and the organization on the company’s marketing strategy.
  • Act as a high-level project manager to all of the marketing-related initiatives that your team is responsible for, ensuring that all initiatives are on time and adequately resourced.
  • Be in constant communication with team members via Slack, Zoom and other means.

In the first week, expect to:

  • Work to get up to speed with how the organization runs, including how our OKRs, RACIs, and other operational frameworks work.

In the first month, expect to:

  • Understand the inner workings of the marketing team and how they work effectively with other teams. You will also be expected to identify many optimizations and opportunities that you see relating to furthering the growth tactics, organizational dynamics, and talent capabilities of the Marketing and Growth Marketing Strategy team.

In the first three months, expect to:

  • Have a very strong understanding of how the Marketing function and all related- internal functions are working together to produce outcomes.
  • Charted a path for ensuring collaboration is strong and work output remains at an extremely high quality level for all Marketing-related initiatives.
  • Garnered the trust of your peers and the individuals that you’re most closely working with.

In the first six months, expect to:

  • Exemplified the ability to inspire and mentor the teams you’re working with.
  • Upleveled the team’s ability to brainstorm, collaborate, and execute materially.
  • Introduced several growth-related tactics that are innovative, sustainable, and a direct result of your personal efforts.
  • Chartered a clear path for scaling the team, as well as the work output that Marketing is able to produce.

In the first year, expect to:

  • Scaled the performance, team, and work output of Marketing significantly.
  • Demonstrated the successful implementation and execution of several new growth strategies and tactics.
  • Garnered the trust of the Executive and Marketing Senior Leadership Team in your ability to lead the Growth Marketing Strategy team for the long-term.


  • You must have the ability and willingness to review, with meticulous attention to detail, all of the final work product that your team creates. This needs to hold true for both analytical and creative work.
  • Demonstrated experience growing revenue at scale via performance marketing within a B2B technology or services company.
  • You must have a best-in-class, analytical and data-driven background.
  • You must be an extremely quick, strategic thinker with exceptional experience leading highly analytical teams.
  • You must be able to determine if the brand and creative execution for any given marketing initiative is of extremely high quality, or not.
  • Extensive experience interviewing candidates for analytical positions and a keen eye for talent.
  • Strong experience leading analytical teams at rapidly growing businesses is required. Proven experience as an entrepreneur is preferred.
  • Experience leading and scaling cross functional, dynamic teams.
  • A strong ability to build highly effective training sequences for diverse skill sets.
  • Experience guiding and executing functional specialization within teams, including setting and monitoring KPIs that both reflect clear division of responsibilities and larger team goals.
  • Demonstrated analytical rigor. You must know how to quantitatively analyze and optimize marketing programs and growth initiatives.
  • A lean, data-driven, process and KPI-oriented mentality is critical.
  • You must have a strong bias for action and the ability to foster a competitive, results-driven mentality in your team. You must be extremely persistent by nature and unwilling to let your team lose or leave problems unsolved.
  • You must have excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • You must be a world-class individual contributor to thrive at Toptal. You will not be here just to tell other people what to do.

We’re looking for someone who will meticulously analyze and provide insightful feedback on all of the creative, copy, images, growth tactics, and other types of work output related to Marketing initiatives, not simply a high-level strategist. We expect such reviews to be meaningful and to provide insightful feedback to all team members working on a given initiative. All Executive and Senior Leadership Team members at Toptal are required to have full control and ownership over the work output relating to their functions and sub-functions.

This is a remote position that can be done from anywhere. Due to the remote nature of this role, we are unable to provide visa sponsorship. Resumes and communication must be submitted in English.

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Who You Will Work With

Taso Du Val

Taso Du Val


As Toptal’s Chief Executive Officer, Taso manages Toptal’s core team of hundreds of team members distributed throughout the world, with a focus on innovation. Since Toptal was founded in 2010, Taso has led it to become the largest high-skilled, on-demand talent network in the world. Taso serves on the board of multiple organizations, advising on talent strategy and innovation for Fortune 100s and nonprofits. Taso has guest lectured at Harvard Business School, Wharton, and Oxford on talent management and entrepreneurship.

Jack Adams

Jack Adams

VP of Growth Product Management

As Toptal’s VP of Growth Product Management, Jack drives the product strategy to maximize sustainable, scalable growth across Toptal’s domains. He specializes in growth strategy at enterprise scale, having led search and growth functions in the finance, eCommerce, and travel industries. Jack joins us from KAYAK where he spent the last 5 years as Sr. Director, Product SEO for all brands, products, and markets globally, and before that as Global Head of SEO at momondo. Jack has a BA Honors in Business Economics from the University of Leicester in England.

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