Rubyslava + PyVo

June 25, 2014 at 7 PM | Bratislava, Slovakia

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About the Event

Toptal is joining forces with one of Bratislava’s biggest events, Rubyslava, as it celebrates its 40th meetup with some great speakers from Vienna. Come meet the Toptal team, as well as some of Bratislava’s brightest developers for an evening of programming and discussion.


Pagination Done the Right Way Speaker: Markus Winand, author of “Use The Index, Luke!”

Fetching results in a page-wise manner is still a very common requirement when working with SQL databases— even when displaying an ‘infinite’ list on the user interface. In this session Markus Winand shows different approaches to fetching a limiter part of a result and explains why the traditional LIMIT/OFFSET method has very poor performance. The preferable approach, named “Key-Set Pagination” or just “the Seek Method,” always has better performance, and on top of that is also immune to showing duplicate results when new rows are inserted in between fetching two pages.

N things you didn’t know about PostgreSQL Speaker: Markus Prinz, @nuclearsquid

Markus will speak on a few lesser known features and related things of PostgreSQL that turn it from “just an SQL database” into a robust data platform.


Kafé Nervosa, Zámocká 30, 811 01, Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia

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