RubyZg: Capistrano vs Mina duel

January 27, 2015 at 7 PM | Zagreb, Croatia

Toptal Sponsored

About the Event

A lot of Ruby on Rails developers choose platforms like Heroku, AWS or DigitalOcean for application hosting. However, there are other deployment tools to use. Attendees of the RubyZg meetup are going to learn about Capistrano and Mina.

Bruno Sutic will be showing why Capistrano is still the most popular deployment tool, and Stjepan Hadjic will be talking about why he moved away from Capistrano and tell us all about the benefits of using Mina. If you do not want to miss the Capistrano vs Mina duel meet us on 27th January! For more infomation please visit

After the meetup we are going to continue the evening with a Toptal sponsored drink up at Pivnica Medvedgrad in Ilica.


Klub MaMa, Preradovićeva ulica 18, 10000, Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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Roman Urbanovski

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