Budapest Python Meetup

February 26, 2015 at 7:30 PM | Budapest, Hungary

Toptal Sponsored

About the Event

Toptal is sponsoring the Budapest Python meetup. The topics of the event are the following:

Eszter Csernai: Text processing tools in Python (HU)

Eszter will give us a brief introduction on text processing tools in Python. She will be talking about term frequencies, the bag-of-words approach, and the n-gram model.

Péter Zsoldos: (Lightning Talk) Cookiecutter - standardized project file and directory structure (EN)

Cookiecutter is a tool written in Python that helps a lot for instance when you try to extract smaller apps or services from a monolithic behemot codebase, or when writing lot of new applications. Not just for Python apps!

Gergely Kalman: The Snake and the Real Estate Biz (EN)

In this talk Gergely will explain why and how he wrote a software bot to help him in finding a place to live in Budapest. It involved scraping, real estates and the awesomeness that’s Python and coding in general.

If you are interested in joining the meetup please RSVP here


Muzikum Klub és Bisztró, Múzeum utca 7., Budapest, Hungary

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Anna Nyuli

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