Slovenia Ruby User Group Meetup

October 29, 2015 at 6 PM | Ljubljana, Slovenia

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About the Event

Toptal is supporting developer communities all over the world. Our core developer Miha Rekar is the lead organizer of the Slovenia Ruby User Group. If you happen to be in Lubljana on the 14th of December and you are into Ruby make sure to drop by and say hello, it is the perfect opportunity to meet fellow Rubyist and find out more about Toptal.

They’ve got some nice talks lined up for October meetup:

• ES6 - David Krmpotič will introduce us to new features of JavaScript

• Naming things - Miha Filej. How to name things like variables in your code?

There will be a Q&A session after every talk so any and all questions you have will be answered.

I’m guessing many of you could share some of the awesome things that happened recently. Maybe you were at a conference, maybe you discovered a great gem, maybe you just need developers. Anyone can make a lightning talk. You don’t even need slides. Just come up and share what makes you happy. No rules whatsoever. Well, one rule - 5 min time limit.

But if you don’t want to talk in front of a bunch of people join us for relaxed after-talks drinks, chats, and networking.

As usual, we’ll meet on the last Thursday of the month at 18:00 (6:00 PM) in Poligon. Drinks will be covered by Toptal so you have no excuse not to come. But if you’re physically unable to come, we’ve got you covered too - V Živo will live stream the whole event and also record if you want to re-watch it later. Oh, and we’ll raffle one license for a JetBrains product (RubyMine, PyCharm, WebStorm,…).

Be sure to RSVP and do bring friends.


Poligon, Tobačna ulica 5, Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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