How.Camp 2016 Sofia

February 21, 2016 at 10 AM | Sofia, Bulgaria

Toptal Sponsored

About the Event

We are living in a time when it is no longer enough to simply create a digital product. When at it’s best, design is human and our role as designers is to make it feel natural to use our products while creating emotion. Design plays a fundamental role in the success of your product and taking a design-driven approach from the beginning increases it’s chances of success. In fact first impressions are 94% design-related.

While we see a rapid advancement of technologies, we also need to acknowledge that we often failed to create a unique or compelling user experience to ensure adoption of these products.

On February 21st, we invite you to How.Camp 2016 in Sofia which Toptal is proud to sponsor. Join a workshop that will show you how to take a design driven approach to take your app from concept to minimum loveable product! This is the beginning of a conversation about the most promising relationship between design, technology and humans.


Actionable advice and techniques to take your idea and transform it into a product prototype with Daneille Reed, Director of Design of Toptal, Co-Founder & VP Product,

Hands on approach to design for MVP. Come with your laptop and learn the basics as we go. We will Help you learn how to create a wireframe and basic visual design of your app in class and present the tools usually used by designers.

The workshop will take place from 16:10 - 17:40 and will be broken into three key areas:

1.Design Thinking and Wireframing (40mins)

2.UI Phase, from Wireframe to Visual Design (40mins)

3.Feedback session - critical feedback (10mins)

For all questions regarding the event contact our Head of Community Kenan Salihbegovic.


**Betahaus **, Krum Popov 56-58, Sofia, Bulgaria

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