Rubyslava # 56

March 17, 2016 at 7 PM | Bratislava, Slovakia

Toptal Sponsored

About the Event

Toptal is proud to sponosor Rubyslava, one of the biggest Ruby meetups in the region. This will be their 56th meetup!


  • REST interfaces with Swagger PIANO

REST API is simple to develop and simple to understand, but until recently there was no possibility for simple formal definition of the interface, so the API could be consumed automagically by software. To quote the Swagger authors: Swagger brings the “good parts” of REST, SOAP, Web Services and RPC into a simple, easy to understand format. From that idea, a wide range of tools have emerged: user interfaces, code generators, directory services. There are almost 2000 known open-source repositories for Swagger tools and it has first-class support across all major API management platforms. In this session we will talk about our experience with Swagger in multilanguage development of the Piano Audience Intelligence system.

The “Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework” AngularJS is a state of the art JavaScript tool for single page web applications that offers a lot which JS alone does not - namely structure. As Java Developers we like the law and order of object oriented Java with all its tools; so I would like to show how pleased I was after discovering AngularJS for front-end development (instead of JSF or Spring MVC).

If you are interested in joining the event please RSVP here or contact Jano Suchal.


Nervosa Restaurant, Zamocka 30, Bratislava, Slovakia

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Jano Suchal

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