Rubyslava #57 (Lightning talk edition)

April 28, 2016 at 9 PM | Bratislava, Slovakia

Toptal Sponsored

About the Event

Toptal is proud to sponosor Rubyslava, one of the biggest Ruby meetups in the region. This will be their 57th meetup!


Marek Stańczyk: MongoDB/Mongoid document embedding real-world issues

Jakub Ševcech: Executable documents in Jupyter

Ladislav Gallay, Adrian Huna, Ivan Srba: Rails engines in a different way – Case study on CQA system Askalot

Ondrej Kaššák: How to predict customer exit intent from your web site.

If you are interested in joining the event please RSVP here or contact Jano Suchal.


Nervosa Restaurant, Zamocka 30, Bratislava, Slovakia

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Jano Suchal

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