Toptal Professional Development Week: Prague

August 23, 2017 at 1 PM | Prague, Czech Republic

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As strong supporters of continuous learning and education, we are pleased to announce Toptal Professional Development Week. From August 19th - August 27th Toptal will be auditing a series of workshops to encourage continuous education and peer learning.

If you happen to be in Prague on August 23rd, please join us for “Embodied communication and self-management for presence and effectiveness”, a workshop led by Sebastien Martineau, a psychologist, Aikido teacher, and a founder of Positive Leadership Development training company.

The course focuses on skills for communication and self-management, including managing state, motivation, and pressure, as well as teaching you how to give the right message through your presence. In each section, Sebastien will present a topic, illustrate it with an example, allow a period of practice, and finish with a plan for practical application and practices to embed the learning over time. Exercises will be taken from psychology, the Japanese art of Aikido, and improvisation amongst others.

The workshop will take place at K10 from 1-4 PM. For more information, please contact the event organizer, Iva Touzimska.


K 10, Koperníkova 10, Prague, Czech Republic

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Iva Touzimska

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