Design Leadership & Cracking the Hiring Process

August 25, 2017 at 1 PM | Worldwide, United States

Toptal Organized

About the Event

We invite you to join “Design Leadership and Cracking the Hiring Process” which will take place on August 25th.

This workshop is designed to tackle the toughest design leadership and hiring questions, including:

Identifying the right designer for your design challenge and how to hire them

Enabling your designers to grow, setting them up as leaders, and shaping design vision

Developing the right processes to allow for creativity and structure.

You’ll hear from a suite of designers at the top of their field, including:

Danielle Reid, Director of Design at Toptal**

Jake Frey - Founder of Fancy, Designed for Apple, Twitter, Snapchat

Cynthia Savard - Director of Design at Shopify

Jake Rogelberg - Founder of

By the end of the workshop, you should have a much clearer view on how to approach your next design challenge and set your current or future designers up for success.

The workshop will be held on Friday, August 25th from 1-2PM EST. To register or learn more about the event, please see the event website.


Worldwide, United States

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