Vilnius Tech Leads - The One with One on Ones

October 19, 2017 at 7 PM | Vilnius, Lithuania

Toptal Speaker

About the Event

We invite you to join the next Vilnius Tech Leads, taking place on October 19th. Vilnius Tech Leads is a meetup for Vilnius CTOs, VPs of Engineering, Tech Leads, and other technologists who meet together to share experience and become better leaders.

The topic of their next meetup will be The One with One on Ones and there will be several speakers, including Vidmantas Kabošis, Team Lead at Toptal. Vidmantas will give a talk entitled “1:1’s - victories and pitfalls”. He will go through his experience and few principles he constantly uses while doing one-on-one’s: keeping these meeting concise, weird (most important part), and considering the availability bias.

The event will take place at Vinted HQ. For more information on the event, please visit the event website.


Vinted HQ, Zirmunu 70, 7th floor, Vilnius, Lithuania

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Vidmantas Kabošis

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