WordCamp Nijmegen 2018

August 30, 2018 at 10 AM | Nijmegen, Netherlands

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August 30- September 1, join WordPress experts and enthusiasts from throughout the Netherlands and Europe to make connections and learn about the tech and business of WordPress.

For Toptal developer Alain Schlesser, this is the sixth WordCamp he will speak at in 2018. Alain will give a talk titled The Eternal Struggle: Backward Compatibility vs Technical Debt.

In this talk, Alain will tell you how WordPress draws a lot of its success from the fact that it jumps through hoops to maintain backward compatibility. Most WordPress sites can be smoothly updated to the latest version of WordPress Core with the click of a button. However, this compatibility comes at a steep price: through this absolute priority on backward compatibility, the project sets itself up to continuously accumulate technical debt in the process. The effects of this are an increasing effort to maintain the codebase and an increasing difficulty to add new features.

Join Alain at 1:45 pm on August 31 to learn how these two factors interrelate and what this means for WordPress’ current state and future evolution.

For more information on this event and to RSVP, please see the event website.


Elinor Ostromgebouw, Heyendaalseweg 141, Nijmegen, Netherlands

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