Costumes We Wear Roundtable: NYC

October 29, 2018 at 7 PM | Brooklyn, NY, United States

Toptal Organized

About the Event

In celebration of Halloween, join a special roundtable event where we’ll discuss identity and the personas we adopt throughout the year, in work and in daily life.

Taylor Platt, Toptal’s Lead Growth Manager, will host this dinner and discussion, October 29 from 7:00 to 09:00pm.

How do the “costumes” we wear affect our ability to achieve our goals? Bring your stories — good and bad. Each attendee will be asked to share a time they adopted a persona in a professional or personal situation, and how it helped or hindered you. We will explore the pros and cons of authenticity, and seek to understand more about how to be authentically ourselves.

Space is extremely limited. If you would like to attend, or for more information, please contact Taylor directly.


Miss Ada, 184 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn, NY, United States

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Event Leader

Taylor Platt
New York, NY, United StatesUS

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