November 19, 2018 at 9 AM | Malmö, Sweden

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Digital products and companies are not just changing the way we live our lives, but also playing an increasingly influential role in public policy and governance - even beginning to reshape what it means to be human. Will this new tech be to our benefit, further enhancing quality of life? How mindful should we be of the potential social and ethical pitfalls?

The 2018 Oredev conference, taking place November 19-22, will be all about the latest advances in biohacking and transhumanism, and their implications for humankind.

Toptal designer Tyler Wolf will take the stage on November 19th at 3:10pm with a talk titled Designing Intuitive Tools. The talk will explore building a tool for solving a complex problem faced by non-developers.

Tyler will discuss what it takes to replace the data visualization toolchain (R, custom scripts, D3.js, etc.) with a single tool that affords the same flexibility and expressiveness of software in an intuitive way for non-developers. He’ll also explore how user experience considerations can have impacts all the way down to basic software architecture assumptions.

For more information and tickets, please see the conference website.


Öredev AB, Hans Michelsensgatan 10, 5th floor, Malmö, Sweden

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