Build a Reactive Xamarin Application with Reactive UI

March 23, 2019 at 9 AM | Online, Egypt

Toptal Organized

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This event is an introduction to reactive programming for mobile development. It will contain a brief introduction to Reactive programming with Rx.Net. Then ReactiveUI will be introduced. ReactiveUI is a reactive programming framework for Xamarin, A practical example will be used to clarify the introduced concepts.

This event will be hosted by Mustafa Gamal. Mustafa works as a Consultant and a Research Engineer in the R&D department for nResult, and SECC with 15+ years of experience in Software Industry, 7+ years of them sharing in leadership and strategic positions. He provides consultation to organizations on how to maintain a robust Software Architecture that supports Business Agility. He helped to shape strategies for organizations in the software industry and international NGOs. He provided consultations to startups to model their business and construct their business plans locally and internationally.

This event will take place at 9:00AM GMT at this link:


Online, Egypt

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