Speculative Explainability: Building a Toolkit to Make AI More Explainable

March 11, 2020 at 6:45 PM | New York, United States

Toptal Sponsored

About the Event

Please come join other professionals skilled in UX and Data in New York City at this Toptal sponsored Meetup event.

If you are in the Toptal network and would like to RSVP, please contact Katelyn directly.

The description for the event is below:

Our automation/AI/ML projects are increasingly complex in construction, velocity, and scale. They output recommendations, results, and answers that are actionable but the data, automations, and “in betweens” (everything from human thought to the data behind a recommendation) in these systems are often hidden from or not easily explained to humans.

In this talk we’ll explore examples, experiments, and speculative future states for how we might create a toolkit to make our automations more understandable, audit-able, and explain-able…and we’ll look at how culture, art, design, music, and sound could help us accomplish this goal.

Speaker Bio: Carrie Jaquith (she/her) is a digital product manager, strategic advisor, board member, and educator. She has led digital product & emerging tech teams at Lazard, taught at Columbia University’s MS in Applied Analytics program, guest lectured at NYU, and collaborated with groups at Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, and Microsoft. She is inspired by experiences in music, video games, and machine shops for things that go fast.


General Assembly, 902 Broadway, 4th Floor New York NY 10010, New York, United States

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