Share Your Work Edition 2

May 12, 2020 at 2 PM | Dublin, Ireland

Toptal Organized

About the Event

Whether you or a colleague have something extraordinary to share, or you just want to come along and learn from what others are working on, this is the place for you. Ask for feedback and ideas on a work in progress or a deployed project. Sharing our work helps everyone learn. It’s a valuable part of membership in an elite network like this one.

Date and Time: 2pm Dublin time. (9am EST / 1pm GMT / 3pm CET)

This event is online. You may need to install Zoom if you have not already:

This edition includes:
Weather on the Way, with Piotr Knapczyk : An app that shows forecast for your travel route
React-Native Video Processing, with Shahen Hovhannisyan : A Library for react-native that allows devs to manipulate video frames, crop/resize add effects, etc.
Wholefolio, with Atanas Kozhuharov : Wholefolio is a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker, news source and alerting platform The project is focused one of the newest and most interesting spaces - Crypto currencies and blockchain. With the mountains of data and different technologies, assets and exchanges it provides a single point of information.
CollabUML, with Alexis Hernandez : A collaborative text editor for diagrams and UML

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