AMA with Israel Illan

September 8, 2021 at 1 PM | Remote EST, United States

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Want to meet a Toptal freelancer and game developer who is also a car racing enthusiast? Don’t miss our next AMA! Wednesday September 8th, at 01:00 PM ET join us live on Slack for a fast-paced and inclusive Q&A with our expert guest speaker, Toptal Game Developer, Israel Illan.

In this 1hr Ask Me Anything event in the #-event-ama channel, we will get to know Israel Illan - he has been living abroad for many years, he’s worked for a Chinese company for more than a year, and has been working remotely as a freelancer in Indonesia, Poland and South America.

Israel is an engineer with nearly two decades of experience. Currently specialized in Unity design and development, he started as a full-stack developer (including front-end and back-end), then moved to game development working in all types of gaming: mobile, desktop, multiplayer, VR, and AR. Passionate about software design and software architecture planning, he has plenty of experience designing SOLID software systems.

Clients include: Verizon, Yahoo, and more. He has a Master’s degree in Computer engineering.

His latest startups include: is a in race telemetry acquisition and monitor, built for his personal usage since his biggest passion is car racing.

Fun fact: He has taken part of many rallycross championships including the spanish championship for more than 10 years. which is a computer vision app, the idea is from a frame of a sports event, created a 3d model of the field, players and other elements to allow for automatic data acquisition, play analysis and referee decisions.

See Israel’s full portfolio HERE.

Come with your questions or just follow along. This event is open to all members of the Toptal community.


Slack,, Remote EST, United States

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