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Wednesday, October 26, 2022, 10:00 AM EDT

About the Event

Join us for our next TopTalks event on Wednesday, October 26, at 10:00 AM EST hosted through the Speakers Network program at Toptal! TopTalks are short TED-style talks in under 10-minutes presented by Toptal experts. Each talk showcases a well-formed idea, followed by a 5-minute Q&A session.

Come learn from fellow Toptalers, and if you’re up for it, give your feedback to help them improve! (Note: Rubrics will be provided at the event to all attendees who are open to sharing feedback. Or just come and learn something new!)


Islem Maboud: How sharing content helped me grow as a developer

Have you ever thought about writing a blog post? Or maybe just starting with answering Stack Overflow questions? Does the thought of this make you feel overwhelmed? Does you feel like you will get nothing in return by helping others?Sharing content and expressing yourself in your own unique way is as important as reading and learning. In fact, it’s much more beneficial for you and your career to be a contributor. It will boost your productivity and help you master the topics you want to grow on!In this talk, we’ll explore why you should start sharing content now.

Johnny Fekete: Fuel your energy, lift your mood

Have you experienced sluggishness after a heavy lunch? Have you ever been _“hangry” _when you skipped a meal? Food is the fuel that regulates your energy and mood, both of which can significantly affect your focus.

So, optimizing your meals can help to reduce tiredness, demotivation, bad mood, or irritability. Figuring out what to eat – and when – shouldn’t come as trial and error. In this talk, you’ll learn:

  • how food fuels your body and mind

  • how a healthy diet can lift your spirit, energy, and productivity

  • simple measures you can take to boost your daily energy balance

  • how to personalize your new habits and make them stick

Mayank Mittal: Using the most powerful tool to build great products: personal intuition

Is there a scientific and structured manner in which your personal intuition can be leveraged in decision-making? We all use our personal intuition every step of the way anyways - choosing ideas, building teams, building features, and yet no one ever talks about capturing it in an objective manner. All of us are born unique with our own set of ideas, beliefs, and idiosyncrasies. Can we tap into this uniqueness for our products? In this talk, we’ll find out.

Any Toptal Community member is welcome to present a talk. Interested in speaking at a TopTalks event? Sign up here or join #_prog-speakers-academy to stay up-to-date on all speaker training opportunities.

This event is only for talent in our network. To participate please RSVP here and look out for the link/password posted in our #_community-events channel on Slack and in the relevant local channel.


Jessica PhamZablon DawitIslem MaboudDeepak Agrawal
Dan Panu-MisailescuOscar Luiz Silva Neto
Orsolya BozsoMirosław OpokaTahir ShahzadBoaz BalachsanRui Miguel FerreiraNurazem KaldybaevJide PinheiroRubén MartínezBhavesh DaswaniLouis BesterRichard Abi Chahla
Tudor VladEmre TaşkınGhanashyam Meher

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