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10 basic Web Marketing solutions to Lead Your Business to Success

03.08.2016 Lyudla Volk
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10 basic Web Marketing solutions to Lead Your Business to Success

To build a successful business, you have to work hard 24 hours a day. To be the best among competitors, keep up with the timelines, track trends, build a marketing strategy and explore customer behaviour. But the most effective way to develop your business is to declare it on the Internet. In this article, you will find several useful web solutions making your business more noticeable and profitable.

  1. Website as a base

First of all, it is necessary to analyze advantages of your business and create an effective website based on its needs. As Bill Gates said: «If you are not on the internet, then you are not in business».

  1. Landing page design

Actually, one of the variants is to make the main page of your site as a landing page. It will be a perfect idea even if you want to build a complicated and structured website. The landing page is an indispensable attribute of your web solution, an important addition. This is the page that users see when they are coming to the site first time. However, not only this defines its importance for business. Landing page design presents the main selling idea of your business – unique selling proposition that just must be to catch your clients. The commercial structure of landing helps to achieve the best lead generation and literally to pick up the information about your potential customers. With the help of the landing page, a marketing campaign can be carried out successfully.

  1. Website look

A website should be attractive. In other words, your site must be well drawn, with appropriate colours, text readability and clear structure. Bear in mind that look at the website of your company has some effect on the visitor’s attitude towards it. Modern corporate identity, logo, banners will attract new clients.

Well-done website design also includes UX and UI design, programming, marketing and project management skills. Try to use responsive adaptive web design, which can be applied further to any device. Don’t ignore cross-platform factor.

  1. Usability

The website should be simple, convenient, beautiful and informative, be useful for site visitors. Your website must be divided into logical sections, according to the purposes of your business. Moreover, all the sections have their strict places according to Internet marketing. You know, one form plays better in a definite place but plays worse in another place. Internet marketing analysts could find the solution.

  1. Well-developed navigation system

In fact, this is a part of usability, its skeleton or basis. Just navigation system defines the direction to users, helping them not to get lost inside your complicated business model. It is obligatory for a website to have a well-developed navigation system (menu, tabs, search, bottom links, etc.). In this case, it will be easier for customers to find what they need on your site rather quickly.

  1. Be mobile-friendly

The website must be mobile-friendly that is almost the same as a cross-platform factor. In our mobile age, all the internet products must be available in mobile versions. Statistics said that on average about 30-40% users visit sites from mobile phones. Therefore, this feature helps to maximize conversions and increase website traffic. There are three main reasons why it is so important to have a mobile-friendly website:

–    your customers want it. They expect you to provide it. For example, many people prefer mobile online shopping;

–    if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, Google may punish you;

–    you have many chances to lose potential customers from mobile.

  1. SEO (search engine optimization)

The site should be promoted and optimized for a specific search on the Internet. Every day, millions of people look for products or services in the search systems. The better the web site’s position in the search engine results, the more users will become your customers.

  1. SMM (Social media marketing)

SMM is another one web solution helping to lead your business to success. Through the social media, you can find employees, customers, journalists and other people, who are interested in your product. SMM is also an effective way of brand promotion.

  1. Advertising

Advertising on the Internet is a great way to attract new customers as possible on your site, in spite of the level of optimization and promotion. Advertising on the Internet is so effective that it is rather hard to overestimate it.

  1. Redesign and upgrading

So, you set up a website. Filled it in with a high-quality content. It’s wonderful!  But it is not enough. The website is needed to be redesigned sometimes, due to the fact, that the user needs are constantly changing. The constant focus on the changing needs of users – the key to the effective functioning of the site.

There were only some web solutions to lead your business to success. However, keep in mind that at the start of creating a project, you should know all these steps and understand how you will do them before a web development stage. So, build the strategy of your idea more accurately to define a direction during a development process and to predict all potential issues in advance.

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