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10 cloud services for growing your business

16.09.2016 Lyudla Volk
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10 cloud services for growing your business

Nowadays there are a lot of technologies, which can simplify the process of your business growing. We are going to discuss ten apps and cloud services for business.

Google Drive

Google Drive differs from other cloud services, because it works with more than 30 types of files. It is like your personal mobile office that you can visit from anywhere.

This is a platform not only for storing data but also a place for collaboration in real-time. You may edit and save information, invite members of your team to work on slides and docs on Google Drive.

The function «Forms» has no analog and allows creating any forms to collect data, surveys and questionnaires.

If you try Google Drive, you’ll get 15 GB of free cloud storage and access to Google’s Web-based suite. Additional storage, for example, within 100 GB, costs $1.99 per month.


Dropbox is a storage service too. It gives a full range of capabilities for users.

For example, you may save backups of any files, synchronize data on different devices via the Dropbox app or the Dropbox website, share files and folders, give access to certain information to specific users and recover deleted files within 30 days.

Don’t you think that this cloud service is amazing?


Mozy is another useful cloud solution for consumers and business. It is used to sync and backup photos, documents and other important files. Thanks to Mozy’s, they all are kept updated throughout the day.

You don’t need to worry about a loss of information. Mozy takes care of server backups and data restore capabilities.


Are you tired of chaos on your desk full of stickers and sheets of paper? You need a text editor Evernote. With this powerful application, you may capture all your ideas. It helps to gather information from any source and save it in one place. You may store here not only text files but also images and audio recordings. Moreover, the handy search finds your notes quickly.

But the most significant advantage of this service is its full sync. You may install the program on any device: computer, laptop or phone. No matter where you added a note in your Notepad, it will be accessible from any gadget.


Asana is a service that helps to optimize teams work. You can use it online to monitor workflows, set goals, control their implementation.

It is suitable for project management. It is like a notebook with a list of tasks, which is easy to use.

With Asana you can invite people to work together and give them tasks by sending an e-mail, set deadlines and make plans with priorities, distribute task lists in the hierarchy.

In Asana you may leave comments. The service allows communicating under each task, and you have a mini-forum.

And one of the most important features is that it is possible to tie the program to any cloud storage: Google Drive, Dropbox or Box.


An accounting software may be useful for a startup too. Quickbooks is a good variant. It is a cloud-based version that offers an accounting functionality for its clients from any place in the world. With some help of its online accounting service, you may set budgets, monitor cash flow, manage and pay bills, create business reports and VAT returns.

Salesforce Pardot

It is fair to say that Salesforce Pardot is one of the best cloud services for small business. To use it means to scale your project efficiently. By automating mundane tasks, you will save your teams time. It gives the company a chance to drive its revenue.

Fairsail Global HR Management System

A startup or small business needs an HR solution that fits it mostly. It may be Fairsail, why not? This is solid cloud HR software, a system, which was made especially for small multinational organizations.

It helps to increase HR productivity and match how people to the business.


When you start your business, a customer service is extremely important.

GetFeedback is a cloud customer service. It helps its users to create online surveys, which illustrate client’s attitude towards business.


A proper business organization is crucial, when your customer list begins to expand. In this case, CRM system can help you.

Such cloud services usually used to control and manage lists of customers and sales. But they are also effective for business development.

For instance, one of them is Act! This CRM software application is easy to use and has a full functionality. With the help of it, you will manage contacts and email letters, analyze the history of interactions and monitor your sales.

To sum up

Among a great variety of cloud services, I would strongly recommend you to check out all of them to choose the best for developing your business.

In this article, the list is not full, but I tried to extract the most suitable services, which may be beneficial for you.

And remember, that the main question is not what cloud service to choose, but how it can improve your business.


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