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12 truly-useful platforms for Building Mobile Apps in 2016

30.06.2016 Margaret Geras
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12 truly-useful platforms for Building Mobile Apps in 2016

Mobile technologies are changing from year to year. Every month is determining, because, something new is created in the world continually. The most popular worldwide mobile software such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blueberry, suggest updating versions, more improved and required higher technical capacity. The same time it will need an appropriate supportability. The more modern mobile software, the more powerful tools for application development are needed. Today the quantity of such tools that create mobile apps is growing promptly.

So, here are some platforms for building mobile apps that are more popular among developers in 2016. If you are starting to investigate the question ‘How to create an app?’, being a programmer or even a start-up, you might be interested in some next tips. Here are 12 examples of app creator software that helps to make your own app from scratch. All you need is to explore each of them and choose the one most preferable on your opinion.

1. Xamarin from Microsoft

This product had been created by Xamarin company that was engaged by Microsoft then. The platform allows designing native mobile apps in C# for Android, Mac and Windows. The third version started in 2014. It contains a dashboard with real-time information about all necessary metrics (active users, sessions, etc.).

One of the new tools is a service Xamarin.Forms building a user interface from a set of visual elements which are described in XAML.


The minimum monthly price is $300.

2. Mobile Roadie

A service for app development that creates iOS and Android applications in JSON, XML, CSV, PHP and HTML. The platform stands out with several marketing functions as RSS automatic improving, Google and Twitter keywords for future app store optimization (ASO), an auto-updating real-time chat.

The app builder also lets to make an app, watching how it would on user’s devices. By the way, it helps to check the quality and user’s preference for content. The only thing remaining is to place content straight to the app and pull it from the app to the site.


A basic version starts at $126 per month, Pro version goes up to $668 per month.

3. Good barber

A service providing a platform for iPhones and Android building. There is a suite of templates with 300 icons and 600 Google fonts that available to get started. In addition to a mobile app version, users can create a web mobile preview displaying on phone screens as a site.


The monthly price is from $16 to $32.

4. The App Builder

This is an online toolkit that helps to design a structured app according to customer’s preferences. An advantage of the app builder is an opportunity to publish the mobile project in one click. The product is suitable for iPhone, iPad and Android.


The price is getting available by request.


A cloud-based builder for mobile developers creating apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. It has built-in components that form an app idea into an adaptive structured interface. The opportunity to run the constructor in the cloud makes usage of it definitely easier. A visual editor with drag-and-drop elements built a perfect user interface (UI). Along with that all, it contains a plugin database opening a new way for additional steps.


Demo version starts free and a full package will cost about $180 per month.

6. Appy Pie

In a nutshell, this tool helps people without programming skills to develop an app by themselves. The apps will run on iOS, Windows Phone and Android. Additional services for a building are available for adding: GPS-location, analytics, social media feeding, websites, blogs, QR-codes.


The product has a free version; Platinum version costs up to $34 per month.

7. Game Salad

An interesting service for game development. It can implement a game app for mobile. The drag-and-drop interface makes it fast and is understood by users with no programming knowledge. The builder uses programming languages like OS X and HTML5.


Demo is available free, but you can pay about $300 for an extended version.

8. App Machine

The developers position this product as a fast constructor of mobile applications. It seems that it has all you need. Here is a full toolkit for prototyping, adding video and audio blocks, choosing icons, colours, fonts, structure the navigation path. It is rather simple and comfortable.


You can pay for this comfort up to $1300 in total.

9. Bizness App

A specialized platform for creating corporative applications, online-shop context or other same types. Different blocks that depict ordering forms, shopping cart, loyalty programs, built-in analytics system and more. The easy-to-use console takes just minutes of time for building. Pre-built modules compose the structure you prefer.

You can also check the progress of your app in a real-time preview. BiznessApp suggests weekly webinars teaching of the main native tools and gives an access to plenty of tutorial articles.


The monthly price is about $60.

10. App Makr

One more mobile constructor required no coding skills. There are no limitations of app quantity and updating. You can design as many apps as you need. The service supports a lot of integrations such as push notifications, chats, Google map, app shopping, shared events, photo galleries, video and audio streaming.


The demo starts at free and goes up to $100.

11. ShoutEm

A mobile builder with a complete console for app modelling. It supports a cloud connection, social media services, a real-time managing and can be used for business purposes as successful.

The price is up to $120.

12. Google App Engine

A usable platform for developing scalable web apps and mobile backends programming in Java, Python, Go and PHP. It affords built-in options and APIs (user authentication API, Memcache, datastores, NoSQL). The Google platform scales an app automatically. Insert the code and the service will control an access to app availability. Actually, this service provides creation of mobile apps partly. You must know coding little.


The price is available by request.

As you see, these platforms are not free of charge. Demo versions give few functions, and sometimes coding skills are needed at least. So, if you organized your business and need app development software, you should decide, either you choose app builders and spent much time for learning tools, paying monthly up to $700, or you order mobile app development at the company and focus on your business management in the main. So, prioritize and calculate the company’s price to assure your benefit.

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