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15 ways of targeting for App Monetization, using Social Networks

29.08.2016 Roman Krasnopolskiy
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15 ways of targeting for App Monetization, using Social Networks

Facebook is one of the primary traffic sources for the websites and users sources for mobile apps.  The examples of how to use the social network settings, how to monetize an app and attract the necessary installs are given below. The same variations of the app monetization models are available in many different social networks.

  1. Happy and unhappy

Facebook gives an opportunity to address those who are going to join their lives or Vice Versa. Who can it be helpful for? Purchase apps, photo and video apps, which can capture important moments, hotels and travels.

  1. Professions

If you create an app for the people of certain professions or positions, it’s reasonable to target your advertisement at them. For example, offer the CRM systems to CEOs.

  1. Employees of definite companies

The same strategy works with companies – you can target the advertisements, for instance, for the Apple employees, for them to see your app and feature it in App Store.

  1. People on holiday

Find those who are staying in the city you need right now and who is ready to use your app. Travelers can be interested in the weather forecast, restaurants, food, taxi.

  1. People back from holiday

Possibly they would like to create a photo album, share it on social networks or even book a similar trip for the future. Or maybe they want to buy some food because their fridge is empty?

  1. Users of mobile devices

You can address to those who have recently purchased a smartphone, to the owners of the certain brand phones or those who use old phones.

  1. Targeting by post

If your app is made to work with Gmail, your target group of users will inevitably be found here.

  1. Birthday

One more unique target group is those who have their birthday. Give a discount for your paid app or an in-app purchase, or even promote your app with the gift list.

  1. Parents

Are you developing children’s apps? Be sure to address their parents.

  1. Distant relationships

It’s the best way to promote messengers, “Distant relationships” or “Just moved”. Everybody wants to stay in touch with their friends and relatives.

  1. Gamers

Although there are different variants possible, it would possibly be the best choice – to start game promotion by gamers.

  1. Selfie lovers

If your app is made for photographers, this is your best category.

  1. Certain brands’ lovers

Define, what brands your target group loves and address to their fans. If there is a discount for a certain brand of jeans in your mobile store, offer it to the people who wear it. Or, for example, you can find a popular sitcom in your targeting and address its fans to watch it.

  1. Education

It suits well enough for a job or online courses.

  1. Generations

Every generation has its values. It would be weird to bother 50-year-olds with Snapchat, so this filter allows you to choose only those who fit your age qualification.

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