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5 devices with Android OS we can’t live without, and why you have to develop something for them

16.09.2016 Olga Polev
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5 devices with Android OS we can’t live without, and why you have to develop something for them

Google struggles hard to make each new Android OS more capable and competitive, and this strategy brings its fruits. Nowadays this operational system is used on various types of gadgets. Not only smartphones, but also tabs, wrist watches, fitness trackers, cars, TV sets, game consoles, notebooks, and so on and so forth. Any digital device can be run with a variant of Android OS. Mobile app development has been changed by an endless competition between Google and Apple, and it is good for us, consumers and developers. For now, Google is winning – Android market share is bigger, and their devices are ubiquitous. So Android development is on the rise. Any company who wants to take its niche in mobile application development market should be aware of it, so let’s review leading gadgets which run on Android OS.

  1. Phones

From phone with a physical keyboard (remember this?) to newest smartphone with huge touchscreen and high-resolution camera – there is something for everyone on Android OS. A wide range of smartphone manufacturers are benefitting from using Android system on their devices, so handset choices a represented on a great scale and for any budget. Powerful hardware is another strong point of Android devices, along with expandable memory. If to speak about software, Google Play has everything you can imagine and far beyond that. Its interface is very intuitive, and navigation is easy and user-friendly. Also, Google Play welcomes new apps and mobile developers; it is easy to add a mobile application to it. That leads to an incredible amount of all kind of apps. To be precise, more than 1.3 million apps. Do people develop Android apps like crazy, why not to follow up?

  1. Tablets

Android tablets are a blend of high performance, power and great design. There are several options on a market right now, and all of them have all the advantages of Android system. Many users admire Android app development because of its heavy customization. Whatever you don’t like, you can replace it. Standard Keyboard? For sure. Launcher? Please. Another nice feature is widgets; they are easy to use, and it is very convenient. And not to forget about android device manager, a native app that allows you to locate your lost or stolen phone or tab at ease.

  1. Smart watches

Android system nailed down to our arms. Fashionable wrist watches are an excellent substitution to your phone or tablet when you are on your way. This smart accessory allows you to stay tuned to virtual life with always-on displays showing important calls and notifications. Of course, you can use your favorite apps on-the-go. It shapes up your social life with reminders and travel directions and helps you to stay healthy with your favorite coaching apps. So it’s like having a caring wife or a mom with you all of the time, just the one who’s brought to you by Android development.

  1. Auto

A lot of car brands made a special agreement with Google, bringing wonderful future in our day-to-day life. Some car models from Audi, Ford, GMC and many other brands have Android Auto option. It allows to put important road information in a useful mode at vehicle’s screen. Navigation and traffic information, unlimited music from Google Play Music, receiving and answering phone calls and text messages while driving – Google thinks ahead of a driver. So why not to think ahead of Google in mobile apps development and develop Android apps for cars?

  1. TV

Google also cares about your entertainment and recreation. With the help of voice, you can give a command to Android TV set, and it will bring you desired movie, TV show or variants of them based on personalized recommendations. Gaming is also a big issue for Android, so they work on improving this option. For now, you can finish your game on your phone and flawlessly proceed from the same point on your TV. You can play with a bunch of friends in numerous games with beautiful graphics, not to mention that you can reach any app from Google Play with the help of TV. Google loves cooperation, so instead of connecting your Android device to TV now you can buy a TV set with built-in Android TV.

To sum up, Android is everywhere because of its great. Devices run on Android are available for any family budget. That’s why Apple is significant only in USA and Europe, and Android is big everywhere in the world, including Asia and Latin America. Google continually improves its technologies and think of a new feature, like OK Google that allows controlling your device with just a voice. Also, Google love cooperation’s with other brands and industries, that’s why there is such a range of loyal to Android gadgets. If you want your software development company to prosper, you’d better join this silent conquest of the world by Android OS right now.

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