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5 reasons you should have a mobile app by 2017

09.09.2016 Tatiana Kir
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5 reasons you should have a mobile app by 2017

Can you imagine modern life without a mobile phone let alone applications offered for them? They have become an indispensable part of our lives, and there is hardly anything more functional and comfortable in the world of devices to replace them. More and more young programmers try to build a mobile app and transform this process into a successful business as the popularity of applications beats any records. Let us consider what are the reasons for modern people to use mobile applications this year.

Constant access to vital information

This year is very diverse and interesting as many exciting events take place. Apart from everyday news and weather forecast available in apps for phones, 2016 can boast numerous mobile app development steps to attract as many fans to such events as football championship Euro-2016 and the main sports event Olympic Games as possible. Millions of people from different corners of the world didn’t pay attention to prices and downloaded apps to keep up with the latest achievements of the sportsmen.

Another advantage offered by mobile applications is a possibility to follow your bank accounts and make instant payments. You can also send any messages and notifications that are momentous and free of charge or visit pages of social networks at the click of a button.

Comfort and convenience

What benefit of mobile apps is considered the most widely acknowledged? If you ask a person about this, he will say “it is comfortable.” But this answer implies various other benefits:

  • Availability of applications (though mobile app development price can be thrilling, many of them are free or cost not so much; all this is due to ads that are offered in them);
  • Fast access (it is enough to unblock your phone, and it will appear on the screen in a matter of seconds);
  • Being always at hand (there is no necessity to visit libraries to read a book or a bank to check your credit account);
  • Possibility to work any time of the day and in any place (some mobile apps can completely substitute computer software necessary for employees);
  • Personalization (you can choose only those apps that are needed personally for you);
  • User-friendly interface (almost each person who tried to create a mobile app will agree that applications work faster than websites and are designed in the way to guarantee the utmost convenience to the user) etc.

A wide choice of apps to meet each person’s requirements and interests

With the appearance of popular mobile phone platforms and operating systems, there was a boost in the development of apps too. Many developers were thinking only of how to make a mobile app meet the requirements of modern people. Now apps are ordered by many business representatives, who wish to make their companies and firms flourish. They are used in various spheres of our lives: education, safety, entertainment, family life, work, sports and health, maps and navigation, medicine, social life, etc. You can opt for free examples, demo versions or buy a full app with all the necessary functionality. The choice is incredibly big and diverse, so there is always an application to each person’s taste.

Safety and security

Security is one of the most important guarantees of applications for mobile phones and tablets. Why do so many people avoid sharing their personal information? All this is because modern technology can spread it in a matter of seconds. Mobile apps keep your personal information secure and always ask if there is a necessity to use it for any purpose. There is hardly a chance for anyone to learn your secrets or see bills or private photos, you can always protect your mobile phone from intrusions and feel safe. There are different ways how to secure your phone:

  1. Set expiration time;
  2. Block virtual numbers and unauthorized users;
  3. Occasional changes in codes and passwords;
  4. Optional authentication when login your phone;
  5. Use secure mobile apps etc.

By doing so, you may protect your mobile device and be confident that information stored there is available only for entrusted individuals.

Incessant growing popularity of mobile applications

The market of mobile applications is increasing at the incredible speed. Though they have appeared quite recently, apps are popular with both ordinary people and business representatives. More than 60% of people all over the world use apps on a daily basis, while business also gets dependable on mobiles as more than half of processes nowadays require immediate responses. People in charge of their business are more likely to ask how to develop mobile apps now than it was previously, as application market for business is going to double by 2018.

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