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5 Ways to Improve Your Call to Action and Boost Your Click-Through Rate

16.09.2016 Olga Polev
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5 Ways to Improve Your Call to Action and Boost Your Click-Through Rate

App store optimization is a definitely demanded step in your mobile app marketing strategy. The app market is really big; billions of people are using smartphones. They search and download apps every day, and there are plenty of amazing offers out there. Google Play and App store have more than 2 million apps, so if you just put your product on the market, it will get lost for sure. Even if you created an ingenious app, but people don’t see it among thousands of other offers, and they don’t download it. But a number of downloads, along with users reviews, is what influences ranking of your app the most. Vicious circle! That’s why ASO is red hot for any software company and marketer.

There are simple ways to increase click-through rate (CTR) of your product via different app store optimization tools. They fall under two sections: keyword optimization and asset optimization. Call to action (CTA) belong to the second section; it is a line or a button that provokes an audience and fosters immediate response. It often formulated in imperative forms such as ‘download now’, ‘get for free’, ‘start a free trial’, etc. CTA buttons link to content that your customer is using on a landing page where high-value relevant information or offer are placed. This optimization tool comes in all shapes, colors and forms. It doesn’t rely solely on design, though it is important to understand how aesthetics influences CTA and boosts your click-through rate accordingly. So, let’s review some tips for this app optimization tool.

  1. Size&Color

Your CTA call shouldn’t be too big or too small. It has to be clearly visible, but shouldn’t overwhelm other design on the page. CTA button has to be visually heavy but shouldn’t distract attention from other content. Make it in a contrasting color to the page scheme color, but still aesthetically appealing. Use visual cues in your CTA. Use icons. If it’s about buying something, place a shopping cart on your CTA button, if it’s about calling, use an icon of a handset, etc. That strengthens buttons visually and boosts its attractiveness. Check analytics after the launch of your app and see if CTA gains clicks. If there are many accidental or missed attempts, review the design.

  1. Title

Of course, titling is important here, not that much as in app store keyword optimization, but still. Use lines and words that motivate your users to act now and not to postpone, and that are related to your product. Create a sense of emergency, say that it is a limited offer that works for a certain period of time or for certain items. You can also use imperative forms of verbs, but remember to make a no-obligation statement that reduces any risk and responsibility. CTA usually promise benefit you can’t stand. Be short and stay creative! Nobody would react to an ‘emergency’ call that is formulated like a novel; five words are enough. If possible, include words that are related to app store keywords for your product. Here are just a few examples:

Try business version for free

Subscribe now to get started

Sign up and reserve your spot today!

Click here to try it for free for 21-days!

Do not click unless you do not want a book for free!

3. Location.

Location is a clue for any usability issue; CTA is not an exception. Think attentively where to put your CTA button. Locate it in the spot that follows quickly from the flow of the page. Try to put the button at the top and the bottom of the webpage, from the left and the right side and test, test, test. It also helps to whitespace around your CTA button, so nothing distracts attention from it.


Don’t push it too hard, don’t place too many annoying buttons with a call for different actions on the same page. That reminds of cheap internet adds selling useless things. Respect your user and customer, prioritize your marketing needs and work with just a few of them. Don’t guide your user through many pages and don’t ask him to complete many tasks before getting promised benefit. The more tricky way to a landing page is, the more chances user will drop off on the way.

5. Testing

Use A/B tests. Show two variants of app page with CTA tools to similar users at the same time, and analyze which one works better. Fix what is needed to be fixed. You can create efficient templates that based on the collected data, so next time you would like to place your product on Google Market or in App store it will take less time for you.

One of core advantages of CTA promotional tool is that it keep users engaged with your products for longer. It’s like web-surfing, just an app surfing. According to statistics, around 65% of app customers find new app browsing in an app store. You can make their life easier, boost click-through rate and an amount of your app downloads with this simple and relatively cheap App Store and Google Play search optimization tool.

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