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A Real-time Document Recognition SDK Comparison

07.09.2018 Ekaterina REkaterina
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A Real-time Document Recognition SDK Comparison

Travel and identity document verification forms an integral part of sensitive processes like enrollment and registration, as well as in situations where certified identity is crucial – such as at border stations or during bank transactions. Reliable verification is vital to combating identity fraud and related criminal activities.

 Document Verification (Infographic)


Regula Hieroglyph Scanbot ABBYY Accurascan

Available for






















Programming Language









Visual Basic and others







Objective-C   C#





Features & Benefits

1. Automatic document type recognition

2. Barcode data capture from IDs

3. Support of all MRZ types

 4.Сross-comparison and lexical analysis

5. Offline mode

6. ID document authenticity verification

1. Recognize identity document while using video/photo cameras and scanners

2.Provides a safe, easy, and quick input of personal data in mobile apps and websites

1.Document Detection

2.Guides the user into the best position to capture the document

3.Automatic perspective correction and precision cropping

4.User interface to crop pages with easy-to-use magnetic handles

5. Use image processing filters for perfect color, greyscale or black & white documents

6.Machine Readable Zones (MRZ)

7.Money Transfer Form Scanning

1.Specific data capture

2.Text detection from video stream

3.63 OCR languages

4.MRZ support and data capture from IDs

5.Bank card recognition and IBAN capture

6.Highly accurate OCR results

7.Text capture from objects

8.Instant translation

1.Average recognition time 500 ms

2.High precision recognition and scanning

3.Can work locally without an internet connection

4.Can be easily incorporated into any product with the help of our API or SDK

5.Can be personalized to meet the exact needs of the client

6.Does not take up a lot of memory space

7.Can work at an angle and even in poor light


Commercial license

Commercial license

Commercial license

Commercial license

Free of Charge License – just some Features

Commercial license

Free of Charge License – 30 days

Characteristics of the most popular real-time recognition SDK for document


How does it work?

  1. Focus the image in front of mobile device camera.
  2. Information is detected, parsed and verified automatically.
  3. The information is available in digital format for future needs.

What can you do with this SDK:

  • Integrate Regula SDK into your own application
  • Customize your solution to fit your own unique case of document verification
  • Allow passengers and guests to check in by simply scanning their passports or ID cards with no need to manually enter personal data
  • Reduce the risk of identity fraud
  • Know your customer — read and validate any government-issued document of the world to verify the identity of your clients
  • Verify ID document authenticity
  • Read personal data from eDocuments (including RFID chip data) and check document authenticity in seconds
  • Automate manual processes
  • Сreate fast and effortless checkout experiences accepting payments by scanning a customer’s credit card


Hieroglyph allows you to recognize identity documents while using video/photo cameras and scanners in mobile, desktop, server and terminal solutions. It recognizes text fields, special machine-readable zones, which are on foreign passports and passports, visas, passports of foreigners, and finds a photo and a signature.

During the recognition process, the software warns the user of possible errors, thereby reducing input errors.

What product of this SDK you can use:

  • MRZ Reader is a recognition module for scanning of Machine Readable Zones on international documents.
  • BankCard Reader is a module for recognition of debit/credit cards.
  • ID Reader is a module for simplifying entry of identity document data.
  • Passport Reader offers technology for Passports recognition not limited by MRZ.
  • DrivingLicense Reader is a software for recognition of international driving licenses.
  • Plate Reader is a high-precision car plate recognition system.
  • Barcode Reader is a software for barcodes recognition.
  • Document Crop is a product designed to scan rectangular documents.


Scanbot SDK is a simple to use high-level API, providing a collection of classes and functions for scanning and processing documents from your mobile device’s camera or other image sources like your photo library. Scanbot SDK consists of a bunch of modules, each individually licensable or available in license packages.

What technology there are?

  • QR-Codes/ Bar Codes
  • Machine Readable Zones
  • DC Forms


ABBYY Real-Time Recognition SDK enables developers to add ‘instant’ text capture functionality to mobile apps. Payment data on invoices, personal information on ID cards as well as codes printed on daily goods for consumer contests, text on street signs or warning plates can be immediately captured and used in the mobile app – the user only needs to focus the camera at the text.

Use cases:

  • Customer registration and on-boarding

By simply pointing the mobile device’s camera at ID cards, passports and other identification documents, customer data is transferred into company systems without the need to type them in. This way, on-boarding new clients in banks, insurance companies and other organizations as well as processes for registering new customers in hotels or car rental companies can be faster and more efficient. As no document photo is stored, data privacy is guaranteed.

  • Mobile payment

Information necessary for a money transfer can be inserted directly into the fields of a mobile banking app by focusing the smartphone’s camera on payment slips, invoices or other payment documents. Data such as the IBAN, credit card number, card owner’s name or payment amount can be immediately transferred. This modern way of data entry significantly speeds up text input into mobile banking apps, and is very convenient for the user while minimizing the risk of errors.

  • Machine vision

Quality control in mass goods production can be extended to automatically check the printed information on products. Text on packaging or words displayed on control panels of consumer devices and appliances can be immediately recognized and sent directly to backend systems for an accuracy check. This ensures that misprints or incorrect data can be quickly detected and possible issues resolved before the goods leave the production line.

  • Translation on-the-go

When encountering texts of unknown languages, users of smartphones and tablets can use this real-time text recognition, in combination with the real-time translation functionality. By viewing the text through the smartphone, the words can be extracted, immediately translated and the translated text projected back – replacing the original words on the smartphone screen. This translation process provides an excellent user experience.

  • Text-to-speech

Visually impaired, elderly people or children with reading and learning difficulties using assistive Text-to-Speech mobile applications can conveniently access any written information surrounding them. They just point the camera of their smartphone on the text in a book, a magazine page or on a street sign and instantly listen to the words converted into an audio format.


The Accurascan Mobile OCR SDK is a set of tools that help to enhance the attributes of the app or integrate with other third-party apps. Accurascan SDK will help you to easily customized for maintaining specific requirements of any business model. If a company existing with web interface then Accurascan Web SDK helps to overcome the process of development for the same. Accurascan Id card scanner app is accurate for scanning ids in 500 milliseconds.

Features & Advantages:

  • No expensive devices

Actually, no device required when you have an Accurascan app in your mobile device. It saves you and your employees time and money thus no scanning device to buy.

  • Real-time Scan

Accurascan mobile technology brings you automation, speed, efficiency, and excellence to all of your business processes and procedures. Mobile OCR SDK and Scanner integrated into your applications and has the ability to increase the speed of the reading process by making use of real-time scanning ability.

  • Data Security

Accurascan app works on the device locally without an internet connection. It can transfer data to our cloud servers using the secured end to end encryption using our corporate plans.


The software development kit/application program interface can easily integrate into your applications, and it has the ability to increase the speed of the reading process.

To summarize

In this overview, we’ve looked at 5 popular SDK for real-time document recognition to help you decide which one might best fit your needs. Please pay attention to backup options, program update frequency and accessibility options. Note, these features have the biggest impact on your software.

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