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5 Ways to Use AI in Digital Marketing to Scale Your Business

02.04.2020 Alexey Grakov
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5 Ways to Use AI in Digital Marketing to Scale Your Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to grow and become a bigger part of the digital marketing world. Businesses seek to scale, which means that they grow and increase in their size and reach. AI can help businesses with their digital marketing so that they can improve their brand, gain more customers, and increase their profits.

Check out these five ways that AI can help you to scale your business.

Tracking Email Metrics

You can use AI to track your customer data and other business’ metrics when it comes to your digital marketing. This can include multiple channels, but make sure that you track the main email metrics.

  • Open rates.
  • Click-through rates.
  • Return on interest (ROI).

Open rate refers to the percentage of people that open your emails. Click-through rates are the percentage of people that click on links in the email. ROI means that you get that amount of money for every dollar that you spend.



For example, email has an ROI of $40, meaning that businesses make $40 on average for every dollar that they spend. Due to these numbers and the effectiveness of emails, make sure that you track your email metrics.

AI can track all of these metrics for you. If you use automated marketing software, it will collect the data and customize the emails for each individual. Specific algorithms can personalize emails for each recipient including subject lines, email content and even calls-to-action.

Tracking email metrics and evaluating how your metrics change overtime will help you to see where you can improve your business. While you can track other metrics, and you should, make sure that you track email metrics to scale your business.


Many people overlook chatbots because they have become commonplace in the digital market. Businesses use AI chatbots since they can

Simulate a natural conversation with a user and help businesses in multiple ways.

  • Interact with multiple customers at once.
  • Give customers 24/7 access to help when they visit your website.
  • Handle simpler problems for customers to save them time and effort.

While you will still need to have standard customer support to help with more complex problems, you might as well save your business some money by using chatbots. People can handle other problems and assist your business in other ways.



Not only will chatbots save you money, but they will efficiently respond to customers. As you can see in this picture, chatbots have nearly the same response time as face-to-face conversations. As your business continues to grow and gain more customers, you should use chatbots so that you can save them time while keeping them happy.

Digital Ads

Many channels allow you to pay for digital advertisements so that you can show your business to more customers. This includes channels such as social media, websites, and even email sidebars. Digital ads use AI nowadays to make them more effective. They will target specific people with the highest odds of becoming customers.

AI manages to find the right users for your digital ads in a variety of ways.

  • Demographics since people in certain groups may show more interest in your business than others.
  • They search history if it involves your products.
  • Visiting your site in the past to send them related information.

AI can target people based on these different points so that it will send ads to relevant people and potential customers. As such, you can increase the money you make from your digital ads as you use AI to send them to the right people.

Personalized Content

Your customers want to feel like you care about them and that you recognize their contributions to your business. Your business relies on your customers to make purchases for it to succeed and grow. With this in mind, you should personalize the user experience to make your customers feel appreciated.

You can use AI to create personalized content for your customers. In fact, many customers expect you to include certain information in personalized emails.



As you can see here, most customers expect you to know their purchase history, interests, and birth dates. Not only do customers know that you make personalized messages, but they also expect you to make them. They want you to personalize their experiences and you can easily do that through AI.

A/B Testing

To scale your business, you need to try new approaches to improve your digital marketing. Many businesses do this by using A/B testing to find out what their customers like. For example, a business might want to find out what subject line works best in emails. It sends half of their customers email A and the other half email B. It can then see which one performs the best.

While you would normally have to split up each group on your own, you can use AI to handle the A/B testing. Not only will it split your customers and leads into different groups, but it will also send those emails and collect the results. You just have to set up the software to split the groups into the categories that you want.

AI is more powerful than standard A/B testing because it gets time-consuming when you want to test out several variables. While AI can enable websites, ads and other marketing campaigns to optimize in real-time.

Final Points

As you see there are many ways to use AI to improve and scale your business. It allows you to focus on other things since it can handle so many aspects of your digital marketing. Continue to take advantage of AI, improve your business, and seek to make changes that will allow you to succeed. Doing so will help you to scale your business with fewer concerns.

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