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AI-inspired Scam Using Tiger Woods On YouTube To Steal Money

28.01.2024 Paul Gilmore
AI-inspired  Scam Using Tiger Woods On YouTube To Steal Money

If you are a golfer and follow World Golf tournaments you know that there has been much news about Tiger Woods recently.
Tiger Woods is very well known and recognizable. That’s why one decided to create a smart online Scam using AI and neural networks.
Everybody heard of ChatGPT, Bard, OpenAI and many other AI-related projects. AI now is widely used and adopted by both business and individuals. AI makes it possible to generate images, text, voice, music etc. One day it should have been used for scam.
We suppose that this is the first time the voice and video of such a celebrity is used for fraudulent activities.

Today, on 27th of January I stumbled upon a YouTube video with Tiger saying smth that “I can’t believe my ears” about the giveaway of 10 000 bitcoins and together with LIV GOLF!

Every golfer knows that Tiger has a strong position against LIVGOLF.
All golfers know that, but not the fraudsters. Being a golfer myself I immediately understood it is a fake.

Here is how the official LIV Channel on Youtube looks like:

Now the fake one. Notice the slight difference between official and fake names: fake name @liv_golf whereas official is @LIVGolf. It looks pretty similar to the official LIV GOLF, as they have latest videos from LIV and use same style for video previews.

Fake LivGolf Youtube channel

Here is the video with fake Tiger: (available at the moment of writing).

As you can notice from the video, the face of Tiger Woods is not clearly visible.
It is evidently done on purpose to hide what he really says.
They also use the latest Driver made by Taylormade and a golf ball with name “Tiger” on it.

Fake Tiger Woods

The QR code makes is possible to insert a link to the scam site.Otherwise Google would not let it be instered into the description.
QR leads to, which utilizes an old scam technique: “send us 1 BTC and we will send you 2 back”.

livgolfxx registration date

The website boasts an offer to double the amount of BTC/ETH one send towards their wallets: Fake LiveGolf Giveaway

As you understand now, AI is a very powerful tool, which can be used in many ways.

We’ve reported that to YouTube already.


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