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Android founder Andy Rubin: The future of the mobile sector is Artificial Intelligence (AI)

31.08.2016 Margaret Geras
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Android founder Andy Rubin: The future of the mobile sector is Artificial Intelligence (AI)

But it should be the AI possessing consciousness

Andy Rubin, one of the founders of OS Android, often predicts the future of technologies and the majority of these predictions come true. Moreover, he used to work in many promising areas of developing hardware. These areas almost always turned from conceptual into real ones. And Rubin’s most famous product is of course OS Android.

He became a co-founder of Android in 2003 and already in 2005 the company was sold to Google. As a result, the producers of smartphones gained a universal platform, which can be used on different types of devices. Sometimes, it has caused a very active development of the mobile sphere. Now Android provides the functioning of many thousands of devices, including smart watches, phones, tabs, TV sets, fitness trackers and diverse loT systems. But what will happen next? What should the future of smartphones be? According to Rubin, Artificial Intelligence future, which is aware of its existence.

It is known that modern experts divide AI into strong and weak. Weak AI is that can analyze huge volumes of information, study data arrays, find the connections between different elements of the arrays and catalog all this. At the same time, this form of AI is not aware of itself or the surrounding. Practically, it’s just an advanced computer system with the specific software, even very complicated. But the strong form of AI is aware of its existence and surroundings. Humans could only create just a weak form of AI, although it also helps the scientists, medical workers, engineers, IT specialists. Concerning the strong form of IG, it should possess the next features:

  • Decision making, using the strategies, puzzle solving and actions in case of uncertainty.
  • Having idea of the knowledge, including the general impression about reality
  • Planning
  • Education
  • Communication using natural language
  • And uniting all these abilities to achieve general goals
  • Consciousness: sensitive towards all the movements
  • Self-consciousness. Be aware of yourself as of a person, especially understand its thoughts.
  • Empathy: the ability to feel
  • Wisdom

Andy Rubin has already given a similar opinion about the current «AI realm» in the mobile sphere. But apparently, now this idea has finally formed. He considers that, in the future, the AI technology (its only form) will maintain all the mobile devices in the world. At least the devices connected to the extensive network. In his opinion, a combination of quantum calculations and the weak form of AI can create a strong form of AI that will rule everything. Right now Rubin is dealing with both quantum calculations (he is investing into one of the companies, working on implantation of AI technologies into ordinary devices) and development in the sphere of AI. Quantum calculations, as he says, should lead to exponential growth of computer systems’ calculating power.

And this is one of the factors of a strong AI formation. At the same time, according to Rubin, AI should obtain not only consciousness but also have the opportunity to explore the environment and interact with different objects.  It can be done using the robots, equipped with various sensors. Such robotic systems will explore the outside space, interact with it and learn themselves. There should be thousands of such devices, and all of them will count, read off the information, send the text, images, sounds, weather data, geoinformation markers, etc. to the ‘center.’ Such devices can be already made, the technologies allow it. But it’s too soon to create the strong for of AI. Such AI, according to an expert’s opinion, will probably appear only in hundreds of years. According to him, we shouldn’t be afraid of the appearance of Skynet.

‘It’s better, says Rubin, to think about the other problem instead – the destruction of any modern coding systems in case quantum calculations move to a higher level of development.’

Concerning AI, it will, according to Andy, manage not only smartphones. Artificial Intelligence will be in charge for the work of every connected system, including smart cars, TV sets, safety systems, etc.

Not long ago Rubin founded Playground Global Company, which at first glance combines the characteristics of a business incubator and consulting company. But in reality, this company works a bit different. It does not just invest money and consult, but also gives quite a large staff of professional technologists, who can help with solving practically any technical problem. The company provides the author of the idea with the basic hardware and software elements, and the author can focus not on the details, but on his/her idea. It’s a so-called module principle, which can work in a business area. The company collaborates with those businesspeople who plan to create a ‘smart’ device or platform. And, again, all this is a part of one grand plan – the creation of a strong form of AI. As it was said before, not now, but in the distant future.

Rubin is convinced, that we can be not afraid of the appearance of Skynet – everything that is being done in the AI sphere now is for the best. Although, many modern masterminds – Hawking, Mask, Bostrom and others – disagree with him. Who is right and who is wrong? The future will tell. But no doubt, the AI era is coming closer every day.

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