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Android vs iOS: What is the best platform for mobile development?

30.05.2016 Margaret Geras
Android vs iOS: What is the best platform for mobile development?

Before creating something, we ought to know the core audience of the product. Customers choose solutions with definite features. Therefore, developers need to define these features for customers’ preferences. So, what operating system is more relevant to design mobile apps and succeed in cost-effective results?

The answer conceals in facts showing popularity, usability and economic benefit of these both mobile operating systems. To find it let’s look into a few specifications more accurately.

Steve Jobs said, “You can’t just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new”. Customers’ wishes are often changed. However, we can predict their desires and make a research of today’s situation based on digitals of user experience.

Android and iOS user portrait

Firstly, there is a huge distance between Android and iOS users, literally. IOS devices are bought mostly in the USA and Europe. Android devs gained popularity in less economically developed countries. Apple consumers are more wealthy than Android ones. However, it doesn’t mean that rich people dislike Android. This is a question of choice. We see statistics, but the truth is slightly deeper.

IOS devices are the most reliable gadgets.

In 2012, IDC made a global marketing research showed that iOS engages only a 21% deal all over the world, the same time Android has even 70,1%. Many people of the world use Android. IOS is more likely to spread to a corporative sphere. Android consumers have a lower salary than iOS ones. They can be people of different professions or even students. Owners of iPhones and iPads are usually supervisors, people on leading well-paid positions. They are successful persons who value human factors and ergonomics (HF&E).

Android is by far the most popular OS in the world.

It came so that the USA was a legislator of It-developing. Therefore, the main battle is going inside this country. According to ComScore MobiLense research in 2013, Android has 52,3% of the USA market, and iOS – only 37,8%. IT-giants took turns several times, competing for the first place.

ComScore MobiLense research

IT-economics in digitals

Certainly, iOS development requires more money and less time for building. Android development takes more time. Apple has debugged developing technologies giving birth to new applications fast enough.

Although a few developers maintain that creating Android apps was more expensive for them than iOS.

IOS apps are easier for building, Android apps are more difficult.

However, which of the competitors did earn more selling mobile applications? Here is a survey by Canalys made in 2013.

Canalys download revenue

We can see iOS sphere gives a higher revenue – 74% of success.

By the way, one more survey presents useful data about the situation of iOS and Android just in a business area. In 2012, Citrix analyzed a corporative segment and gave a few interesting digitals.

Citrix enerprise use of mobile platforms

Reliable base

Actually, it is known that Android is also famous for its slow speed working. Whether it is a game or an application, sometimes Android user faces to glitches. Usually, it’s due to this OS takes almost all the gadget memory. Have a look at Android settings. The operating system ‘eats’ about 60-70% of native memory, slowing down app work the same time.

Android devs work fast at least one-two years, and two is a ceiling. Then they are getting older, and new heavy apps make an essential issue in using. Overwise, the way for a user is to buy a new gadget – deeply uncomfortable way. IOS devs are long-playing. They might work for years.

There are no doubts, not only purchases need a reliable base inside the gadget, but also app creators. This factor might influence on testimonials because users can perceive it as a developing flaw.

Today developers are looking through two basic platforms – Android and iOS. All new apps appear first on them. It also makes an additional effect. The more applications developers create on these operating systems, the more people concentrate there. Nevertheless, Android and iOS are almost equal. They have significant pros and cons that compensate each other.

On the one hand, Android has a few underdone traits accept a small native storage needing to be expanded with external miniSD cards. Most of inside space is used by Android. On the other hand, this OS is more popular because of low-estimated device price.

iOS needs more outcomes, concentrates in American and Europe regions, stands out by better quality and gets famous among wealthy persons.

All these ways have ‘fifty-fifty’ efficiency and depend most likely on a personal project than a common process.

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  1. Matthew says:


    I think that Apple has a larger market share in China which you failed to mention. Many people in China use iPhones.

    • Alexey Grakov says:


      Sure, China is a very good market, and Apple does some steps to dimish the influence of China.

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