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ASOdesk: Mobile marketing platform

24.08.2016 Pavel Сherniavskiy
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ASOdesk: Mobile marketing platform

So you have made a mobile app (game, delivery service or photo editor). Now is the time to deal with mobile marketing automation. You start looking for some articles about mobile marketing, reading about the instruments, finding some interesting cases. Then you try to apply received theory in practice, but the result doesn’t satisfy you. So how do you attract the organic users from the search? Which instrument to use?

You need ASO. A modern user applies search requests. According to Apple, 65% of downloads on App Store falls on search requests. To find a user you need to think like a user.

How to find your app in the store? Use the key inquiries which users use themselves. To estimate key inquiry efficiency correctly, you need to have mobile marketing strategies for analytics.  ASOdesk solves the problem of ASO strategy conducting in App Store and Google Play

Why ASOdesk?

Accuracy. We show the number of users who come for a certain search request per day. The data is based on search request suggestions in the app store and on the results of campaigns which lead the app to the top. Every day our clients order the promotion of their apps to the top-3, using the incentive installs. These kinds of campaigns let us know how many people come from the requests, with the 20% error. No approximate amounts from 1 to 10. Now you can choose the keywords for your apps efficiently and see the results.

Actuality. Every 4 days we update the traffic scale, which helps us to monitor trends and fresh data. Creating a marketing campaign keep in mind the seasonal things like vocational season, new TV episodes season, winter activities, etc.

Analytics is only based on the data of such mobile app stores as App Store and Google Play.  ASOdesk is not using data of context networks, and it’s a very unique mobile market app.

What is ASOdesk and why is it so unique?

This is a platform for keywords analytics. The strength of ASOdesk is a unique algorithm, created by the professional mathematicians from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. The platform consists of 6 modules for the full-grown conduct of ASO strategy – from its creation to the data analysis. Here’s a little something about every module.

Have you done a research and collected a semantic core? How to understand what key request to choose? Is it popular among the users and how big is the competition? In the module called Statistics, there is approximate data (maximum error is 20%) on every key request. You can see how many users come on the current request every day. You will also find out which place our app takes according to this or that request. The data update takes place once a day.

How to use:

  • Estimate the keywords on the criteria of Users Per Day
  • Understand competition and number of apps to the certain request
  • Monitor one’s positions
  • Make diagrams with the daily history of key request
  • Upload the report in Excel

Monitoring – is a handy visual instrument for competitive tracking of the rivals by the keywords. It can help you to make right decisions, for example, is all you do is correct and helps or doesn’t help your growth, and you need to try harder (according to your marketing strategy).

How to use:

  • While choosing the key request, find out what top 10 apps can be found on this inquiry
  • Choose your key rivals and monitor them
  • Make diagrams with the daily history of the key request
  • Upload the reports to Excel

Good reviews are the key to success. In the module called Reviews you can:

  • Monitor your app reviews
  • Filter the reviews by rate or date
  • There is a review history of one particular user for the Android apps; this will help you follow the user’s mood from one app version to the other

The integration of the reviews into the slack will be available soon.

The module called Competitors can contain all the rivals who you determine for yourself and can follow their moving on the top. To learn by opponents’ mistakes and vice versa is to adopt their successful practices.

How to use:

  • Follow the competitors by keywords
  • Monitor your positions among the rivals

Organic Report module shows:

  • The list of words which shows your app in the places 1 to 30 and the visualization of the list line
  • Distribution of the installs indicator towards the general number of installs (which requests lead to bigger number of installs)
  • Conversion from Users Per Day to the downloads
  • Total Organic History Shows the general number of installs for the last 10 days

Let’s take any app and see how the Organic Report looks like:

The sales funnel consists of 3 parts:

  1. Users Per Day Indicator
  2. Installs – the installs number estimation. All of it is done for every word.
  3. The count of AppViews – it is based on the app relevance towards the word and the app position according to the word readout.

App Profile will show you:

  • How the app looks like in the app store, meanwhile you can stay logged in ASOdesk, and there’s no need to switch to the iTunes Connect page or Google Developers Console and take out your mobile device.
  • Same way you can analyze the profiles of rival apps staying in ASOdesk
  • There is a bookmark, Similar Apps, for Android apps, where you can see your possible opponents and add them into the Competitors module.

Is it only analytics?

You can order the search request promotion here. You set the campaign yourself (the system will offer you the most suitable number of installs) and pay with the card – you will reach Top 3. We do not purchase but supply our incentive traffic.

How to create an app promoting campaign?

It is pretty simple:

  1. Add the app you are interested into Dashboard
  2. Add the search requests that you are interested in. Be sure to look through their statistics in the Statistics tab, to make sure people use this inquiry to find apps
  3. Every available search request will have a red rocket button which will move you to the page where you can create this demand campaign.
  4. You will be taken to the page of the new campaign, where you can quickly set the installs number and number of days for each request. Our system also recommends practical outcomes based on the results of the previous campaigns. To bring the possible outcomes back into the form there is a purple button “Reset to optimal.”
  5. You pay for the campaign and enjoy the result. The result will be seen the next day for App Store, and 3-4 days after the beginning for Google Play.

ASOdesk is a full-grown platform for mobile app marketing. It allows you to work with the search requests efficiently, monitor your reviews, your rivals’ profiles and promote the key requests.

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