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Best app for logistics: What it must be?

28.09.2016 Alexa Klimow
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Best app for logistics: What it must be?

Logistics applications help to track cargo and bring goods to their destination cost-effectively and on time. Isn’t that of the most importance for the business world? Every logistics company should be interested in getting the utmost from the applications the smartphone is stuffed with and make them work for you. They will be your helping hand for logistics operations and supply chain professionals.

Savvy businessmen are enriching their company organization with up-to-date mobile devices and logistics applications to become better than their rivals.

The world of logistics management means is versatile; it includes everything from tracking shipment and inventory to reordering practices and procurement operations. Apps also help to communicate in real time with external suppliers and internal staff of your company. Did you know that there are even apps helping you to track negative and positive comments about the quality of your shipment operations on social media?

Adding such tools to your everyday business functionality is, by all means, beneficial. Everybody knows Walmart chain but has anyone asked themselves what are the Walmart logistics applications in use? How they manage to cover the entire country, having main storage centers in Tennessee or Alabama and bringing stuff to New Mexico or Maine? They use all the same applications that everyone could find in AppStore or Play Market. And in this post, we are happy to have a look at what those apps could be.

1. Logistics

It is a free app developed on Android platform. It helps to structure all your logistics operations and serves as an all-in-one app for track drivers, shipments, clients, and vehicles. More extensions of your supply chain visibility are highlighted by many other apps.

2. Webfleet

This logistics application is helping to gain the control of day-to-day operations for a mobile workforce. It works online and it could be either a mobile application or a desktop application, depending on the device you are getting access to it.

3. Scandit

This is one of a kind logistics application to facilitate barcode scanning operations. It works on any phone because this mobile solution is a cross platform one, as the data received, could be sent to any phone as well. There is also settings that give you the opportunity to configure the time you want reports on the scanning be generated and automatically sent to recipients.

4. EazyStock

First of all, it should be mentioned that it is a cloud-based tool and it has easy API integration with any ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) tools. Basically, that’s a high scale inventory manager that systematically helps you to get rid of excess and obsolete stock levels and increases the profitability of ‘hit’ selling items. It has good infographics and with its help, the inventory planning and forecasting is easier than never.

5. ProtextMe

This is a great logistics application for truck drivers, which was developed by VironIT. With the help of special tracking system, one can know if the truck is moving or not. This became possible with the help of a special algorithm and various sensors. While driving all driver’s incoming mobile traffic is silent (messages from social networks, emails or SMS). The callers, senders will automatically receive the text telling them that the owner of the device is busy and will be able to call later. Actually, one can easily customize the message. When the trip is over, special sensors give signals to the mobile device and switches the phone back to its usual mode. The idea to develop an app with such functionality came as a response to numerous deaths on the road annually only because the drivers were not careful and dared calling and even texting. Every business owner realizes that if the driver of the truck is safe, the cargo is safe as well.

6. Gas Buddy

As the title of this means of logistics management claims, it is somehow connected with the gas stations that drivers use a lot while driving through all the country. It’s a supply chain application showing you where the nearest gas station with the cheapest price for a gallon is. The data is constantly gathered by other users of the application and proceeded by special modules integrated into the app. Saving a few bucks is always better than spending them.

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