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Business management apps: Take control of all the workflow

26.08.2016 Pavel Сherniavskiy
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Business management apps: Take control of all the workflow

Let’s say you already made a highly efficient website with helpful navigation, friendly interface and representative information about your business. Now the sales raised up, and you’re trying to keep up with its pace. What can help you? Pay attention to your mobile gadgets; nowadays they can substitute a whole office of specialists. Some of the best business apps for iPhone and other smartphones allow you to improve business performance with the least of an effort. Especially that helps if you’re a new on a market: you can save on renting space and paying employees just by installing proper software. Which are the best business apps? That is a question everyone should answer themselves, but some business tools are useful regardless of the size and type of ones’ enterprise.

Personal planners

There are a lot of business tools that can help your entity to thrive, but one of the main secrets of success of any company is efficiency and a clear vision of a future by its leader. In order not to get confused with numerous professional tasks and personal life responsibilities one have to go for organizing apps. They allow to create to-do lists, put notes, set reminders, save information from the web, including audios and videos, and tag all of it for easy searching. You can also share your task lists with whoever you want, so fast delegating has never been easier. There are time management apps that show how much time you spend on social networks, online shopping and other time-consuming digital distractions.

Project management

For streamline workflow, you need business management apps that allow you to see work responsibilities and personal persistence of every team member. Centralized communication of a project allows you to define assignments in detail and see the process of performance at every step. With such apps, it’s easy to create new projects, assign members, chat by channels, exchange files and documents, assign due dates, share to-do lists and track the fulfilment of tasks. You can limit your notifications only to important ones or those concerning particular projects. Such apps assure you that your team is working together and moving forward, not in different directions or backwards.

Team communication

When it comes to immediate communication with groups of people you need something better than an email inbox. For quick questions and answers, it is convenient to use best business apps for messaging that allow you to create channels and common conversations about particular clients, projects or pretty much anything else. You can attach files and documents, archive interviews and then navigate through them. Some apps designed not only for texting but also for audio and video conversations. Don’t be afraid to be bothered during an important meeting; you can customize notifications in the way it suits you better.


Customer relationship management apps, or CRMs, is a range of apps for business that helps to picture a digital portrait of your clients and build a good rapport with them. CRMs allow you to gather information about clients on a full group of features: contact information, history of purchases, important dates, delivery preferences and other so that you can quickly retrieve this information. These apps help to create effective sales strategy from proposal to closing a deal. You can track and manage sales, share your contacts and tasks with your team and get the latest updates from them. It is an essential tool for creating great customer community and assuring that they stay satisfied with your services.

Document management

There are diverse document management needs, and best business apps are meeting them. It can be a self-hosted or cloud-based file sharing and storage solution. It allows multiple users to work and collaborate on a document simultaneously. There are mobile scanners that allow editing, sharing and sending documents anywhere after scanning. Modern mobile technologies allow you to sign papers from your gadget on-the-go with a stylus of a fingerprint. So various business tools transfer all paperwork into online and save your time and trees all other Earth.


There are not that many people who love bookkeeping, and they are already working as account managers. So our guess is that you want to spend as little time as possible for maintaining the good financial health of your entity, and business expense tracker can help you with that. You can use it to follow your sales and expenditures, see you revenues and debts, and understand how your business is doing any time of day and night. The best expense report app will allow you to connect numerous bank accounts to carry out payment transactions. Business expense report apps can help to keep a handle on the financial pulse of your business with convenient graphs and reports. Moreover, small business expense tracking makes you as movable as never before so you can seek for new opportunities regularly.

Mobile wallets

This business tool allows you to buy products, do money transfers, pay loans and fines and fulfill other business transactions from you cell phone. Just like your physical wallet, but much more tiny and all in you smartphone. You can load wallets of different types of credit or debit cards that you attach to an account, from self-service terminals, or mobile phone. You can scan your receipts, see stories of transactions and create your personal financial reports for a given period. Mobile wallets are ready to oust physical cards from the market because NFC-system of payment is already here. That means that you can make a point of sales transactions with your phone instead of swiping a physical credit card. Developers of best business apps of this type are concerned with security, so different forms of authorization are provided for your safe experience.


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