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Case Study: All in one Warehouse

08.12.2016 Alexa Klimow
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Case Study: All in one Warehouse

Business: Enterprise application development

Technology: Java, Jasper Reports, Hibernate, MySQL.

Platforms: Android


The customer is a world leader in wholesale retail and many warehouses are located in the USA, United Kingdom, and China. This customer wanted to unify the gathering from all data sources, organize the automation of business process and provide custom reports and analytics.


Our software engineers decided to use all Open Source technologies to facilitate the licensing and cut the costs for the customer. We didn’t have to build the system from scratch because the client has been using the similar system. The old system was faulty and had a lot of bugs, the majority occurred during order delivery and shipment management.

Our team had to unite the data gathering from all sources and combine them into one single unit monitoring system when the actions could be tracked in real time.

Key Features

  • The system allows data gathering and analysis automation
  • Analytics is provided on demand and on a scheduled basis
  • Reports generation in any available format: PDF, Word, and Excel
  • Automated reports generation
  • Organized paper workflow
  • Automated invoice generation using the templates
  • Automated order and purchase paperwork generated using the templates
  • Flexible and customizable access to the workflow organization with the opportunity to monitor and edit it


The developed and deployed solution has increased the transparency and of the wholesale businesses processes. We have automated many aspects of the company’s workflow: report, order and invoice generation, data gathering, and analysis.

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