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Case Study: Bi-curious people have received an opportunity to find a partner using geolocation

14.11.2016 Tatiana Kir
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Case Study: Bi-curious people have received an opportunity to find a partner using geolocation

Each person wishes to find a reliable and beloved partner but only some people dare to use dating sites. With the development of mobile applications for different mobile platforms, it has become safer to communicate with possible fiancés. The procedure is much more individual and personal, so more app users tend to switch to mobile phones for this purpose.

Our team has also got a challenging task to create an application to help lonely people to find their partners for life. It focuses on the group of people, whose love tastes differ from the majority of the population, and now it is on the stage of testing. Only imagine, a bigger number of people will become happier due to it, isn’t it great?

The objective of the project

The main purpose of the project was to make the procedure of getting acquainted on the Web simpler and more comfortable. All this could be achieved due to a geolocation function that makes this social network unique. Each user can determine the distance and the application will show profiles of people, who are available within the mentioned distance. As a result, you are aware of the fact of how far it will be necessary to travel to meet a person you communicated with.

Another important function that has been developed exactly for this app is a protected chat. If you communicate with somebody using this chat, only you can read the incoming messages and have decided to change your mobile device you lose an opportunity to read messages on a new device even if you enter your profile.

Who does this project aim at? (Audience)

The main distinctive feature of the application is the target audience it is created for. The project aims at bi-curious individuals, who look for partners or beloved people all around the world. Being aware of the delicate taste of these people our developers paid special attention to the design of the application providing it with especially breathtaking animation and a comfortable user-friendly interface. Each person can create a profile and look through the information and images provided by other users. There is a filter that allows measuring the distance within which possible friends should live, the age, height, preferences, etc. There are also options that allow us to exclude previous matches and be invisible in the discovery list though available only for friends and matches.

Technological implementation

The application has been developed for the IOS platform. A great team of our specialists did their best for the product to become popular and useful. IOS developer, a backend developer, a tester, and a development manager have been working on this project, and they managed to make it amazing due to a number of technologies used.

The app can boast perfect graphics and stunning animations due to core animation technology. A popular open-source project called AFNetworking that is a delightful networking library for better performance was also used by the developers, let alone encryption used for securing the privacy of communication. But the most interesting solution is a geolocation idea – a great benefit that makes all the borders vanish.

Consequently, we have got a new amazing application that is unique in its structure and target audience. It is going to simplify the process of painstaking searches and unite people from different angles of the world at the click of a button.

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