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Case Study: Medical app development by VironIT

30.11.2016 Margaret Geras
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Case Study: Medical app development by VironIT

We extended the development team by adding 4 highly skilled iOS developers to help build an application for iPhone / iPad. The challenge was to create a medical app through that patients could ask questions to doctors, sharing photos/videos with their problems.

CaptureProof Smart Medical Camera app

In a nutshell, this is a media app that presents a social medical platform:

  • helping patients literally to see the doctor online and get some useful pieces of advice;
  • helping doctors to compare the healing stages and improve their medical practice.

CaptureProof is Scientifically Proven to deliver 80% more accurate triage 2,75% fewer in-person follow ups and ER visits reduced.

What it does

  • Monitor patients
    Visualize changes in healing and the disease state.
  • Triage patients
    The Media Rx block shows patients’ messages.
  • Consult colleagues
    Doctors can communicate with each other for better and faster patient treatment.
  • Links into all EHRS
    Fast integration with electronic health records (EHRS) for each patient.


Patient progress side-by-side

All the actions in the application can be described by three stages:


  • The intelligent camera takes a picture of an injury or records a video of the common disease state.
  • The special inbuilt editor helps a user to adjust a presentation of the media file, using ‘shadows’, ‘overexposure’ and ‘overlay’ modes.


  • The doctors from HIPAA explore the patients’ diseases and gives them responds.


  • Using visual materials doctors can compare current issues they face to and improve their medical practice in general.
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