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Case Study: MyBee is an e-Commerce app for college students

14.11.2016 Alexa Klimow
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Case Study: MyBee is an e-Commerce app for college students

Everyone who has gone through college period knows how much social integration means for teenagers and how difficult it could be sometimes to become a part of some group that brings benefits to your college social life generally. If there is something that you could share with the society, something useful, get some money for it, advocate for your goods stored online with maximum speed through social networks, then MyBee app is for you.

Business: e-Commerce, Social Network
Development Environment: MVVM + FlowController
Technology: Reactive Cocoa, Mantle

The Challenge

When the customer contacted us asking to build up an app on iOS that combines two different natures: e-Commerce and social network one, our mobile development team took it for a challenge. The customer also required GPS implementation, automatic notification push and news feed available.

System Highlights

The main difference of this project from entirely e-Commerce or social network based ones is that it’s the combination of the two kinds of apps into one. From the development point of view, we had to implement standard data security for online payments protection and add main social networking features, like the full integration of the app with the main social network platforms, bring to life pushing notifications and provide an opportunity to share the location with the society, and see who is offering any of the goods online nearby.

Key Features

We had to build the system that could operate with big data and many online registrations (more than 1K per day), that’s why Reactive Cocoa was used to build the infrastructure of the data proceeding system. The following features were implemented into the app:

  • Making online payments and other money transactions like the moving of funds from one card to the other;
  • Adding the information into the system for more than one credit card, correcting the cardholder data, deleting cardholder information;
  • Building the frame for goods being stored online with the GPS implemented for other college kids and other users of our app see new goods available;
  • Notifications facilitate the search of new goods becoming available;
  • Everything happening on the campus goes directly to your app’s news feed;
  • Has full integration with the social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


VironIT develops a truly handy app that is ideal for college students and not only. The app has a lightweight yet powerful nature to process a lot of information: online registrations and various payment transactions that go with any kind of e-Commerce platform. At the same time, social networks implementations give an opportunity to stay connected through the news feed, push notifications and see what is happening around the campus and what the goods for sale nearby.

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