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Choosing between app development on iOS, Android or both

06.09.2016 Anastasia Yurieva
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Choosing between app development on iOS, Android or both

Two leading operating systems rule the area of mobile app development today: iOS and Android. Windows, Blackberry, and other systems occupy minimum market share in comparison to these two giants. When you need to develop an app you inevitably have to choose whether to start with only one or both of the platforms and if only one then which exactly. In this article, we will go through the main peculiarities of Android and iOS platforms to make it easier for you to define what to choose in your particular case.

In perfect conditions, it would be great to have an app for all the leading platforms, including Windows and maybe even others. It would let you get the maximum market share. But when you have to stay within certain budget, your resources are limited, or you simply don’t want to hurry up and prefer to launch a


firstly, then it would be wiser to start with one platform and later on proceed with the other. Then you will be able to check how good your app is and make necessary amendments in the draft of the next version.

Each case of application development requires an individual approach. There is no correct answer to your question which platform is better to start at. It depends on your particular idea and target consumers. So let’s see which factors can affect your choice.

1. Market share

If you remember how many devices use Android and how many use iOS, you will receive a very long list of the first one and pretty short of the second one. Consequently, if you choose Android, your app will be available on a much greater number of devices.

At the same time, this is kind of a trap for a beginner in mobile app development. The thing is that the more kinds of screens and types of hardware an app must suit, the more difficult it becomes to develop such a multi-purpose product. Being obliged to be suitable for various devices Android development becomes rather complicated and, thus, rather expensive.

In any way, you should evaluate the situation about your particular case. For example, if you want to develop an app for the tablet, then iOS will be better as it is more spread among tablets than Android. Even despite that, at first sight, you might think that Android, being a multi-purpose OS, is better.

2. Prices

As to mobile app development price Android is more expensive than iOS. The same reason explains this as the previous factor. The more complicated process of application development requires more serious investments. The difference in prices is not drastic, but still, it exists.

Keep in mind that if you incline to start with two platforms at once, then you should be ready that mobile app development will cost you twice more. Usually, you need a separate team of professionals for Android and iOS development. So don’t think that one and the same team will manage if you pay them somewhat more. You will not be able to save money on this stage and will have to pay full price for both teams.

3. Versions of operating systems

Another issue which is necessary to take into account is numbers of operating systems used. Android users do not switch to the new OS version as instantly as iOS users do. Thus, if you issue iOS app, you can easily create it for the latest OS system only. But if you publish Android, you should prepare it not only for the latest OS but all of them, as people use different ones. If you issue Android app only for the latest OS version, you will lose a significant part of the market.

It should also be mentioned that Android can be easily integrated with third party applications. As to iOS, it is not that much friendly to other OS.

4. Target audience

Study thoroughly your target audience before you choose the platform. You should know their age, education, income, primary interests and so on. Only in this way, you will be able to create a client-oriented product which would be interesting for potential consumers. Moreover, the better you know your audience, the less senseless expenses you will have. This concerns expenses on the unnecessary platforms too. For example, if you are not going to work worldwide then study preferences of your potential consumers in the geographical area you are going to cover. And take it seriously because results can surprise you. Thus, we know that Android has the biggest market share worldwide but if we take such countries as Japan or Australia Android and iOS split the market almost in halves.

One more important point should be mentioned. If you make a mobile app in support of your website, and you already have this site operating, don’t forget to do the simplest thing. Just check analytics of its visitors and, in particular, check which devices they use to surf the Internet. Find the majority and make your first application on the platform they prefer.

5. Foregoers’ stories

Look at the stories of the already existing applications with the basic idea similar to yours one. For example, let’s remember how Instagram appeared. They began with iOS and only when some time passed and when they understood their success, they created Android version too. They even managed to turn it into kind of a marketing trick. The fact that they were available only on iOS even raised consumers’ interest to the app.

It doesn’t mean, of course, that your situation will be the same. You shouldn’t just follow the same model. But still, it can be useful to know.

6. Moderation

Apple AppStore has a very strict system of moderation in comparison with Google Play. Moreover, it takes more time to approve an app. So it may also be a good reason to think about the right choice.

7. Consumer habits

Today many special marketing investigations are held to identify consumers’ preferences about particular products. Of course, they are also held concerning iOS and Android platforms. Those who are beginners in this area and don’t know much about how to develop mobile apps would find lots of useful information in relevant reports. For example, it was proved that iOS users, who are more likely to pay for applications, are also more likely to do shopping via applications. These people are simply more likely to make internet purchases. Thus, if you think about launching eCommerce, then iOS is practically a must.

Now, it’s time to make conclusions. As it was told at the beginning of the article, there are no strict recommendations what to choose. Depending on each particular situation either Android or iOS can be a good solution. But what we can say for sure is that you cannot continue with only one platform if your app is successful enough. In this case, you will simply lose a great market share. And it can hardly be possible that this is right what you need.

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