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Delivering SaaS Solution. Why? How?

21.09.2016 Nika Todua
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Delivering SaaS Solution. Why? How?

SaaS definition looks like this:

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a solution designed to make it easier using services much easier. The quantity of SaaS solutions grows exponentially because businesses and users are often unaware that often don’t have an idea they are using a SaaS product. And they are always about cloud technologies. The first and the most obvious example is Google Docs.

Previously, most of the users were using mainly Microsoft Office software, but now there are milllions of Google Docs users due to the following advantages:

  • Availability
  • It’s free
  • Shared access
  • Safety

So what is SaaS for Microsoft?

Among Google Docs users there are both either businesses and individuals, which doesn’t mean there can could be no successful alternatives for this solution. There will always be specific demands you can satisfy by developing an alternative service with advanced functionality. This is fair for all types of software and that’s why transferring your product to the SaaS business model is a good idea.

Why Should Your Software Should Be Turned Into SaaS?

First of all, let’s consider the advantages of the SaaS model for users:

  • Easy Access
  • No installation required (optional)
  • Cheaper than desktop alternatives
  • Synchronisation
  • Low system requirements of to user’s device
  • Safety
  • Shared Access

Now let’s consider advantages for a SaaS company:

  • Lower maintenance costs due to scaling
  • More control over service processes
  • Apart from software installed, SaaS service can’t be broken to be installed for free
  • Easier to sell

There are also three disadvantages for a user:

  • An access to the Internet is a must to use thea service
  • Poor functionality when if compared to the desktop solution (optional)
  • Low control over the server processes and data (optional and would only can be a problem for corporate clients)

So, what can we say about the SaaS platform? Its main advantage is that it makes everything much easier for thea user. The tTwo first disadvantages could be overcome overwhelmed by increasing computer capacity and adding new functions, and access to the Internet is something that most of the people can get from anywhere thanks to the development of infrastructure and wireless technologies.

Low control over the server processes and data is the main reason why corporate clients usually refuse to use a third party’s product. This problem can be solved by ensuring safety of data and enforcing a of high level of customization.

This means that any software that you design or that can be designed should be turned into SaaS and should be delivered using cloud technologies. This is the trend – just watch how many users are replacing desktop solutions to cloud solutions every day.

One more thing you can do – most of SaaS solutions are developed for PCs, but a cross-platform solution is better. Consider the amount of project management SaaS solutions developed either for PC, Mac and mobile devices.

Types of SaaS Solution

Thesey are divided by goal of development:

  • For own company’s use
  • For sale

Developing a SaaS solution for your company is a good idea if you need full control over the processes and there are no solutions suitable for your company on the market.

Solutions for sale are divided by target audience:

  • B2B
  • B2C

Those developed for business clients are usually about finances, project management, accounting, etc.

There are many types of B2C solutions. Almost all Google projects are SaaS solutions, MMORPGs, browser games, online editing services are also based on cloud technologies.

Check out our Time of Silence game or online casinos to see an example of a SaaS solution.

The SaaS Business Model

Briefly the SaaS business model is divided into two stages:

  1. Service Development and Maintenance
  2. SaaS Marketing

The first stage is about predicting the user’s intentsse and demands and then designing a product they he needs. This is an area where we can be very helpful, just check our portfolio.

The second is about delivering a solution and reaching the target audience. This one is performed either through by direct sales and by running a referral program (for corporate clients).

How to Sell SaaS Solutions?

In this section I will write about a recent trend in SaaS marketing – the partner program. Running a partner program is the best way to boost your sales and cut marketing costs. This doesn’t mean one should ignore classic sales schemes, but it is true that starting a partner program will let you concentrate your efforts on development and customer support.

Almost all new successful SaaS solutions are starting such programs. Why? The reason is that integrating SaaS solutions means making changes to business processes, which is a long-term decision,. sSo there should be as much mentions of service as possible, especially if it’s something brand new. And partners are usually engaging new service users with publications on their websites.

It has to be mentioned that a proper partner program should be transparent and user-friendly. In order to provide user-friendliness there should be only a referral link partner should operate with to invite users. And in order to be transparent there should be a personal area where the partner will see their his statistics.

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